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IN 2011, one article in a longer series in The New York Times on the progress in A.I. [ titled : '' Smarter Than You Think.'' ] focused on likely impact on legal work. Its headline : '' Armies of Expensive Lawyers, Replaced by Cheaper Software.''

Regulators are already threatening to intervene. The European Union proposed legislation to regulate A.I. and Italy has temporarily banned ChatGPT. In the United States, President Biden last Tuesday became the latest official to question the safety of A.I.

''Tech companies have a responsibility to make sure their products are safe before making them public,'' he said at the White House. When asked if A.I. were dangerous, he said : '' It remains to be seen. Could be.''

The issues being raised now were once the kinds of concerns that prompted some companies to sit on new technology.

They had learned that prematurely releasing A.I. could be embarrassing. In 2016, for example, Microsoft quickly pulled a chatbot called Tay after users nudged it to generate racist responses.

Researchers say Microsoft and Google are taking risks by releasing technology that even its developers don't entirely understand. 

But the companies said that they had limited the scope of the initial release of their new chatbots and that they had built sophisticated filtering systems to weed out hate speech and content that could cause obvious harm.

Natasha Crampton, who leads the responsible A.I. office at Microsoft, said in an interview that six years of work around A.I. and ethics had allowed the company to ''move nimbly and thoughtfully.'' She added that '' our commitment to responsible A.I. remains steadfast.''

Google released Bard after years of internal dissent over whether generative A.I.'s benefits outweighed the risks. It announced Meena, a similar chatbot, in 2020. But that system was deemed too risky to release, three people with knowledge of the process said. Those concerns were reported earlier by The Wall Street Journal.

Later in 2022, Google blocked its top ethical A.I. researcher, Timnit Gebru and Margaret Mitchell, from publishing a paper warning that so-called large language models used in the A.I. systems, which are trained to recognize patterns from vast amounts of data, could spew abusive or discriminatory language.

The researchers were pushed out after Dr. Gebru criticized the company's diversity and Dr. Mitchell was accused of violating its code of conduct after she saved some work emails to personal Google Drive account.

Dr. Mitchell said she had tried to help Google release products responsibly and avoid regulation, but instead '' they really shot themselves in the foot.''

Brian Gabriel, a Google spokesman, said in a statement : '' We continue to make responsible A.I. a top priority, using our A.I. principles and internal governance structures to responsibly share A.I. advances with our users.''

CONCERNS over larger models persisted. In January 2022, Google refused to allow another researcher, EI Mahdi EI Mhamdi, to publish a critical paper.

Dr. EI Mhamdi, a part-time employee and university professor, used mathematical theorems to warn that the biggest A.I. models are more vulnerable to cybersecurity attacks and present unusual privacy risks because they've probably had access to private data stored in various locations around the internet.

He resigned from Google this year, citing in part ''research censorship.'' He said modern A.I.'s risks ''highly exceeded'' the benefits. ''It's premature deployment,'' he added.

But, a tech executive advised it would be an ''absolutely fatal error in this moment to worry about things that can be fixed later.''

Microsoft has released new products every week, a frantic pace to meet plans that Mr. Nadella set in motion in the summer when he previewed OpenAI's newest model.

He asked the chatbot to translate the Persian Poet Rumi into Urdu, and then write it out in English characters. ''It worked like a charm,'' he said in a February interview. Then I said, ''God, this thing.''

Big Tech may yet choose speed over caution.

The Honour and Serving of the Latest Global Operational Research on The World, A.I. and the need to weigh things, continues. The World Students Society thanks authors Nico Grant, Karen Weise, and Steven Lobe.

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