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 MIRACLES '' '''

BOOK REVIEW : '' THE LIGHT WE CARRY : OVERCOMING IN UNCERTAIN TIMES '' by Michelle Obama. The World Students Society - the exclusive ownership of every student in the world-  rises, to give the First Lady a grand ovation.

It's not easy being Michelle Obama. Fabulous, yes. Easy, no. She is a world class worrier, a change-avoider and, by her own admission, a bit of nervous Nellie. [As a child, she almost missed her chance to be in a Christmas play, wearing a beloved red velvet dress and patent leather shoes, because she was terrified of sharing the stage with a stuffed turtle.]

And let's just say that spontaneity is not her strong suit : '' I'm not a leaper or a flier, but a deliberate rung-by-rung ladder climber,'' writes the first lady in her new book, '' The Light We Carry,'' I'm pretty sure she makes lists, then makes lists of those lists, then color-codes them all.

So it is perhaps no surprise that Obama's road map for uncertain times resonates in a way that other self-help books do not, If I am going to have someone guide me through this terrain, I don't want to hear from preternaturally poised Martha Stewart or unflappable George Clooney or, for that matter, that tower of cool and confidence Barack Obama. For this crew, self-assurance seems like a birthright.

I want to hear from Michelle Obama, who doesn't always like the way she looks, who felt like an outsider after becoming the ultimate insider; the one who easily becomes lonely; the striver who has spent a lifetime dogged by the question : Am I good enough?

The person who sweats. Because this person does not blithely claim to have the answers. She is on a journey. Through her stories, experiences and thoughts, we're finding the light with her. Lucky us.

I hate to use the word '' relatable, '' conjuring as it does that Us Weekly feature ''Stars - They're Just Like Us!'' But the woman is relatable.

In her 2018 memoir, ''Becoming,'' she told us about her troubles getting pregnant and those of us who've been there enjoyed the detail about her husband frantically driving back from a late night vote in the Illinois Legislature to meet her ovulation window.

This is a guy I'd trust with nuclear codes and the bickering and resentments that led the Obamas to seek couples counseling when they had young children.

In a chapter on friendship, Obama writes about the importance of having a '' kitchen table '' of girlfriends. Although we are unlikely to face the problem of trying to acquire new kindred spirits while surrounded by the Secret Service, and most of us don't have-

To worry that casual venting over nonsense will endup splashed across social media, the very act of trying to make new friends - the awkwardness, the profound desire to find people we can trust - that is very relatable. Who was the last first lady you could say that about.

Not that Obama is a blurter. We are perfectly aware how carefully she chooses her words and the stories she tells. But she reveals herself, subtly and endearingly, in a dozen different ways.

THE FACT that she loves ''lowbrow TV'' and counts the hilarious but racy Ali Wong among her favorite comedians says the world about who Obama is when she gets together with those friends. Lucky them.

After ''Becoming'' became one of the best-selling memoirs of all time, Obama wanted to think about what we all need to get through turbulent times. And indisputably it has been a time where public and private are deeply intertwined.

''My goal was always to do serious work in a joyful way, to show people what's possible if we keep choosing to go high,'' Obama writes. And with that The World Students Society Welcomes All of Mankind. ' Everybody is Equal.'

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