1.- Read this week : Yinka, where is your husband?

In a new world that seems to be full of bad news followed by even more awful news, 'Yinka, where is your husband?' is a light-hearted read that offers some much needed respite.

The novel by British-Nigerian writer Lizzie Damilola Blackburn tells the story of Yinka, who, under the pressure of finding a date for her cousin's wedding, makes it a mission to find love for herself.

While on this journey, she begins to discover more about herself and starts to wonder whether the person she really needs to find is herself.

2.- Podcast : How to Save a Planet

If there's a relevant and urgent topic right now, it's climate change. What we need to know, how we can play a role and how we can hold our country responsible-these are all urgent questions of the time.

How to Save a Planet is a Spotify original podcast that covers a range of topics including recycling, electric cars and forest fires.

It's reported and produced by Kendra Pierre-Louis, Rachel Waldholz, Anna Ladd, Daniel Ackerman, and Hannah Chinn.

The podcast offers both inspiring stories from the  frontlines of the climate movement as well as frank discussions on the issues relating to global warming.

3.- TV Show : Selling the OC

Fans of Selling Sunset, brace yourselves as its spin off Selling the OC is now available on streaming giant, Netflix.

The Oppenheim Group expands to Orange County, California and with this new reality show brings viewers an all-new real estate team, ocean-front listings and big personalities.

The eight-episode show offers glamour and a good looking cast. If you loved Selling Sunset for all the drama it offered against the backdrop of glamour and beauty - this brand-new reality show offers all the same trashy goodness and makes for a fun, light-hearted show to watch.

4.- Movies : Look Both Ways

' Look Both Ways ' is a movie that addresses the age-old question of 'what if' .

What if I had done this differently or taken that risk. How one decision alone can change our lives completely.

On the eve of her college graduation, Natalie's life splits into two alternate realities. Over the course of the movie, both parallel realities are shown.

Starring Lili Reinhart [of Riverdale fame], Luke Wilson and Andrea Savage, the movie forays into two different story lines. However, both journeys offer life - changing love, dream careers and opportunities to discover oneself.

The World Students Society thanks Magazine, The Express Tribune.


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