Johann Sebastian Bach: The Fifth Evangelist

A homage to Johann Sebastian Bach, the composer of the Christian message: the music documentary Vita Christi—Bach, the Fifth Evangelist was produced for the 2013 Bach Festival Leipzig. With the theme, "Vita Christi", that year's edition of the festival retold the life of Jesus Christ in oratorios, masses and cantatas by Johann Sebastian Bach and composers close to him. Peter Schlögl's music documentary highlights the festival program, shows rehearsals and concert excerpts and hears from musicians and Bach experts.

Years later, the timeless quality of this documentary is still evident. Not only does it provide insight into the authentic places where Johann Sebastian Bach worked, it also convincingly conveys the motives of the important Baroque composer. Bach was a Christian composer, who placed himself and his work entirely at the service of God. His compositions retell the life of Jesus Christ as if they were one of the four Gospels of the New Testament. This is why Bach is referred to as the “Fifth Evangelist.”

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