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THE IMPACT OF STUDENTS DATA matters comprehensively to The World Students Society. And so the Global Founder Framers of !WOW! get forward looking for generations.

VISHNU AND LAKSHMI : The Global Founder Framers of !WOW!, What Do You Both See? Conflicting possibilities. Are you afraid to make a bold move?. A free lunch. The lessons of learning loss. The clock is ticking.

Will the idea of working and playing in virtual worlds catch on beyond video games? 2023 will provide some answers as Apple launches its first headset and Meta decides whether to change its strategy and its share price languishes.

Meanwhile, a less complicated and more immediately useful shift may be the rise of ''passkeys'' to replace passwords. 

Never heard of passkey? Fear Not! NIMBYS are out and YIMBYS are in; cryptocurrencies are uncool and post-quantum cryptography is hot.

To tempt workers back and repopulate corporate digs, companies are offering generous - and increasingly desperate - freebies. Food is one example. Tech giants have long provided gourmet meals made by in-house chefs.

Now, more firms are dangling free lunches, barbecues and a roster of food trucks to encourage office attendance. A survey by Fooda, which offers food programmes for workplaces, found that 80% of workers are more eager to return to the office when free lunch is provided.

IN 2021 - THE DUTCH AUDIT OF GOOGLE'S tools for schools, now known as Google Workspace for Education, reported that products lacked certain privacy controls, transparency and contractual limits around their use of personal data.

The education tools included apps like Gmail and Google Classroom, an online learning hub.

Google ultimately agreed to Dutch requests to significantly narrow how the company could use the personal data collected by its educational tools - something that U.S. regulators had not accomplished.

Among other things, Google agreed to limit how it used diagnostic data from its core education apps to just three fixed purposes. The three uses included providing services to customers and handling problems like security threats.

'' WE had to explain to Google that school boards have a duty of care, and they have to be in control of students' personal data,'' said Job Vos, a data protection officer for SIVON, a Dutch cooperative that negotiates contracts with tech vendors on behalf of Dutch schools, who participated in the yearslong talks with Google.

In a recent interview, Phil Venabies, the chief information officer at Google Cloud, said Google regularly worked with regulators around the globe and welcomed the technical sophistication of the Dutch efforts.

''We've been happy to work with the Dutch because they've been exacting on this,'' Venables said, ''and we've responded to that.''

Google agreed to deliver new privacy controls and transparency tools by the end of 2022. Ms.Nas and Mr. Vos said they were now testing Google's proposed solutions.

The Dutch efforts could provide privacy improvements for schools in the United States and elsewhere, many of which lack the in-house technical expertise to independently investigate how complex platforms like Googlecollect and use students' data.

But Dutch privacy experts see their audit and negotiation process as part of a much larger effort by countries trying to assert their digital sovereignty in the face of American tech superpowers.

''We're basically captured by the tech behemoths,'' Ms. Nas said. ''We're starting to realize that the only way to deal with it is to negotiate our way into their compliance with European standards.''

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