Kangaroo Island, Australia :

A haven for koalas and other wild creatures, healing after devastating wildfires A short trip from Adelaide, South Australia's capital, the nearly 1,700-square-mile Kangaroo Island [ 4,400 square kilometers ] is known for incredible wildlife, breathtaking ocean views and its status as an ecological haven - like a zoo without fences.

Three years ago, devastating fires consumed the island, wiping out wildlife and destroying a famous luxury hotel, the Southern Ocean Lodge.

Efforts to rebuild are continuing, and the island is more compelling than ever to visit.

New Organizations that sprang up to help with the wildlife recovery offer visitors a chance to play a part in funding that regeneration.

At the Kangaroo Island Koala and Wildlife Rescue Centre, you can book a private tour to see the animal hospital facilities, or bottle-feed a joey [a baby Kangaroo].

At the long-established Seal Bay Conservation Australia's largest sea lion colonies frolic on the beach.

And in 2023 the Southern Ocean Lodge will reopen, grander and better than before. [ Besha Rodell ]


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