Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina : A living museum of resilience where empires and cultures have long intersected.

Sarajevo's history lives in the present, There is the Latin Bridge, where a certain archduke was assassinated, catalyzing World War 1.

There are buildings still pockmarked by shells from the siege three decades ago. And there is the intricate interplay of empires, from the Ottoman to the Austro-Hungarian, that allows visitors to tour a  mosque, a cathedral, an Orthodox church, and a  synagogue, all within a few blocks.

These layers of history, of course, can detonate as easily as they can coexist. 

Bosnia's multiethnic capital remains on edge.Look up to the hills, and there are the artillery positions built on the grounds of the 1984 Winter Olympics.

But Sarajevo's splendour comes from this intrusion of the past. It remains a living museum that hints at how a Ukraine or Syria can not only survive, but perhaps one day flourish anew. [ Hannah Beech ].


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