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LIGHTNING IN A CHATBOTTLE : SATYA NADELLA has dreamed of this Microsoft moment for his whole career.

MANY WHO HAVE met Satya Nadella like him. For those who haven't, a skim through his autobiography endorses the view that the boss of Microsoft is an intelligent, decent sort of a person.

He is unassuming, with a passion for cricket. He is a listener, who encourages employees to share their personal as well as professional dreams. He writes about Buddhism, but not in a new-agey way. His son was born with cerebral palsy, so Mr.Nadella seeks to understand suffering.

At times, there is something gleefully Tiger-like about him, when he can barely contain his excitement about Microsoft's new technologies. He describes one such ''eureka moment'' the first time he put on one of the firm's HoloLens mixed-reality headsets and,thanks to a live feed from NASA'S Mars rover, visualised himself walking on the red planet.

It was, he wrote, a glimpse into the future.'' The experience was so inspiring, so moving, that one member of my leadership team cried.''

 Once again, Mr. Nadella is giddy with '' this-is-the-future'' euphoria.On January 23rd Microsoft announced its third investment, estimated at $10 billion, in OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT. The advanced artificial-intelligence [AI] tools lets users ask questions and get human-like, often funny human-responses.

In the past few months it has grabbed headlines and become part of the zeitgeist. In no time, the wizardry of the technology, however error-prone, has led to its portrayal as potential Kodak moment for Alphabet-owned Goggle, a boon to cancer research, the end of coding as you know it, and a nail in the coffin of the exam essay. In other words, it has the tech hype cycle on steroids.

AT THE RISK of sounding churlish, it is worth noting that seven years after Mr. Nadella's HoloLens epiphany, the whole mixed-reality buzz at Microsoft has gone deathly quiet, HoloLens was reportedly affected by the firm's 10,000 recent lay-ffs.

That said, ChatGPT is already so accessible and intuitive to use that it is hard to imagine it will be a flash in the pan. It is not difficult to see how Microsoft, with its strength in cloud computing and business software, could use OpenAI'S underlying GPT models to rejuvenate a whole range of products.

And Mr. Nadella, for all his mindfulness, turns with an ambition to recover the company to the pinnacle of tech innovation that it vacated with the onset of social media and smartphone. Could this be his moment?

Microsoft's share price suggests not.It has barely advanced since November 29th, the day before OpenAI publicly launched ChatGPT [ save for a brief rally that Microsoft reported its quantity earnings on January 24th that were a bit better than expected].

Given the risk of an economic slowdown, which is cooling demand for Microsoft's software and cloud services, investors have too many short-term concerns to pay much heed to Mr Nadeela's promises of AI-flavoured jam tomorrow.

YET they shouldn't underestimate his missionary zeal. He led Bing, Microsoft's search engine, where Google was on a tear. He led his cloud provider,now, when it an also-ran to Amazon Web Services, owned by e-commerce giant. He has long nurtured a passion to leapfrog his west-coast rivals.

That makes him impatient with AI research for its own sake. He wants it embedded in products that wow customers. Hence Bing, with a mere 7% of search queries in America, will shortly incorporate ChatGPT to wrestle share away from Google.

GitHub, Microsoft's coding tool, is using OpenAI technology in its Co-pilot product. aimed at accelerating the work rate of software developers. Microsoft is likely to overhaul products Office and Windows with GPT technology, so that Chatbots can take the drudge out of creating PowerPoints and Excel spreadsheets.

As for the cloud, Microsoft benefits because OpenAI has built and trained its GPT models on Azure, and it can offer state-of-the-art chatbot services to Azure's customers. The more they are used, the better they get. 

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