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SOMALIA FACES A CATASTROPHIC FAMINE - but we can avert mass death if we act now. So, let's see '' What we know about how to save children's lives. ''

MOGADISHU - SOMALIA : HUNGER AND LOSS make up a kaleidoscope in Somalia, but one scene stands out in my visit :

A mom, Fardosa Ahmed, confides shyly that she had eight children but lost four of them, and how she fears she may lose a fifth, her daughter, Catiko, who is sick, weak and motionless.

The tremble in Fardosa's voice offers a reminder of the prospective human cost of the famine that, as I wrote earlier, is looming this spring. United Nations officials are warning as loudly as they can about this impending catastrophe, which reflects the conjunction of two global forces driven by the West - and it'll be up to us to choose which  prevails.

The first is climate change, which is widely believed to be a factor on the drought here that is withering crops and killing livestock.

Climate change is complicated, but my guess is that Fardosa would not be on the verge of losing a fifth child if we had not secured our standard of living by pumping carbon into the atmosphere for more than a century.

The second global force is a most promising one : the revolution in child mortality that has already saved tens of millions of lives and that enables us to help Somali children this year if that's a priority.

One gauge of our progress is saving children's lives : According to one analysis of data, as recently as the 1920s, the child mortality rate in the United States was higher than it is in Somalia today - and since then it has plunged in America by more than 95 percent.

In 1960, child mortality was higher in Mexico, Brazil, China and Turkey than it is in Somalia today.

WE KNOW HOW TO SAVE KIDS' LIVES. At UNICEF in the 1980s and 1990s, an American executive director named James Grant - for my money, the most important U.N. official in history -oversaw an effort that slashed death rates in the developing world and saved perhaps 25 million lives.

If we built statues of heroes based on their impact on the world, busts of Grant would adorn every town square.

All this underscores that we live in an age of miracles, when it is possible to multiply loaves and fishes, feed the hungry and overcome death itself. And we can do this remarkably cheaply.

Take Ubax Muhammad, a 5-year-old girl I met who weighs just 20 pounds. Preventing this kind of severe acute malnutrition in Somalia can cost as little as 15 cents a day, UNICEF says.

The modern version of manna from heaven is a high-energy variant of peanut butter called Plumpy'Nut, costing $57 for a carton and lasting a severely malnourished child about two months.

Another effective way of fighting malnutrition is lower tech - promotion of exclusive breastfeeding. Only about one-third of Somalia moms breastfeed exclusively for six months, and one highly regarded nonprofit that focuses on breastfeeding .

Alive & Thrive estimates that the lives of almost 10,000 Somali children a year could be saved with optimal breastfeeding.

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