Accra, Ghana : Feast first, dance later, in a hub of innovative West African cuisine.

Accra's food scene typically consists of two schools : ''chop bars'' that serve traditional cheap meals like fufu [ made from pounded cassava, green plantains or yams] with tomato-based spicy soup, and pricer restaurants serving foreign fare.

Travelers in Accra, Ghana's capital can now see a new wave of chefs and entrepreneurs bridging the gap by emphasizing and innovating with local produce.

At the Mix, a new restaurant and design hub, the West African staple gari [ granulated cassava root ] is dyed pink with beetroot and accompanies squid in a passion fruit sauce.

The sustainable food space in Accra is also worth watching; Ghana Food Movement, an educational group, hosts events throughout the year, including a signature Dine & Dance series in which underutilized indigenous ingredients like millet, eaten by Ghanaians almost exclusively as porridge, are made into stars over three courses.

The meal is followed by a dance party, of course, in true Ghanaian fashion.  

[ Jessica Sarkodie ].


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