Just two weeks into 2023 and the year is already proving to be a sensational one for Pakistani entertainment - especially the music industry.

Fans are ecstatic and proud of Ali Sethi performing at Coachella and Young Stunners sharing the same stage as the American rappers Travis Scott and Lil Uzi.

''What a time to be a Pakistani music listener,'' wrote a user on Twitter and we can't agree more! 

Coke Studio Season 14, which premiered last year, put Sethi, the local rappers, and a lot of other Pakistani stars on the global map with their songs and also being featured in Marvel's show, Ms.Marvel.

A fan listed the number of things they love about the local music scene this year. ''Pakistani musicians gathering wins left right and centre!'' read the tweet. that detailed the accomplishments of our artists. 

''Young stunners performing in Abu Dhabi on the same stage as Travis Scott, Ali Sethi performing at Coachella, Kahani Suno and Pasoori on global top 100 song charts on YouTube, and Abdul Hannan just existing,'' they wrote, stating that they love 2023 already.

Another fan was excited about the crossover between Indian and Pakistani artists at Coachella too, and called it an exciting time for Punjabis.

Replying to a tweet that invalidated the efforts of local artists, a tweep argued how proud they were of the organic journey of Young Stunners. Talking about the rapper duo started from Burger-e-Karachi and made it to the top, they said they're genuinely happy about their growth.

''I'm sorry but I'm actually happy for them. Young Stunner went to the top and they're achieving so much more which is actually amazing! and Ali Sethi generally deserves all the hype in the world.''

For a fan, it was a ''scientific'' fact that Sethi's music brings warmth to their souls. ''Listening to Ali Sethi does in fact keep you warm in winter. It's scientifically proven,'' they wrote.

The World Students Society thanks News Desk, The Express Tribune.


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