Headline, September 10 2022/ ''' '' THE -VIRUS HUNTERS- TAP '' '''

''' '' THE -VIRUS

 HUNTERS- TAP '' '''


THE VIRUS HUNTERS are not only watching out for new versions of SARS-CoV-2, but also continuing their search for the next potentially dangerous bugs.

In June, as monkeypox began infecting people around the world, the network monitored genetic sequences of the virus that showed that it had came from the less virulent of two strains endemic in Africa, and the existing vaccines would continue to be effective.

Using their data, Abbott has developed a monkeypox PCR test [for research purposes only ] that coalition members are using to track the virus, contain its spread, and detect any changes in the viral genome as soon as they appear.

APDC is also continuing to monitor other emerging infectious diseases, including hepatitis, Zika, dengue, meningitis, and yellow fever.

In the early days of the outbreak, researchers scrambled to collect samples from people who had mysteriously developed fevers, coughs, and breathing problems. Pretty soon, they realized that the disease-causing culprit was a new virus humans hadn't seen before.

Lacking a coordinated global response, some countries acted quickly to develop tests for novel coronavirus, while others with fewer resources were left behind. But with global travel [ 100,000 flights a day in 2019 ] far more common than when past plagues had hit, these inequities  meant everyone was vulnerable.

THE SOLUTION? Shutting the world down, closing borders, and asking people to stay safely indoors.

It soon became clear that the world would weather this pandemic only by working together, and that the government alone couldn't necessarily save us. Surveillance into the microbial world was necessary in order to predict coming outbreaks - or at least detect them more quickly after they hit.

Some in the private sector saw an opportunity to harness their expertise and resources in testing and manufacturing to benefit both public health and their businesses.

In 2021, the global health care company Abbott started the Abbott Pandemic Defense Coalition [ APDC ], the first convergence of public-health and academic experts led by a private company. It now includes 16 members based in 13 countries.Its mission : to detect new pathogens that threaten to wreak havoc on the world and contain them before it's too late.

The experiment is just beginning, but it's already paying off. APDC partners were among the first in the world to spot several dangerous mutations of the COVID-19 virus - including Omicron - just as they were emerging, which allowed countries to prepare by increasing testing, doubling down on vaccine programs, and advising infected people to isolate. It was a big change from being isolated by the original version of the virus.

As humans continue to encroach on previously wild geographical regions, we're more likely to come into contact with pathogens that can pose a threat to health.

Climate change is also raising the risk of infectious diseases as species that carry viruses or bacteria expand to broader geographical areas.

The coalition's goal is ''to build the next generation of virologists, virus hunters, and epidemiologists,'' says Gavin Cloherty, who leads  APDC. ''Preventing the next pandemic is a team sport, and collaboration is the only way we win.''

COVID-19 has turned out to be an ideal proving ground for this type of coalition. The virus is constantly evolving, and by comparing genetic sequences from Covid-19 patients in one region to previous samples, scientists at partner labs can spot any noteworthy differences and monitor them more closely.

Any changes, especially if they appear in multiple parts of the world simultaneously - could represent mutations that make it easier to spread or cause more serious disease.

Private companies, Academic Centers and Governments are teaming up to spot emerging health threats.

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