Headline, September 02 2022/ MANKIND : ''' '' MOST GOOD MORE '' '''

MANKIND : ''' '' MOST 

GOOD MORE '' '''

ON THE WORLD STUDENTS SOCIETY - THE GLOBAL FOUNDER FRAMERS, the students of the entire world rise to give the global leaders a standing ovation :

Their Excellences : President Joe Biden, President Xi JinPing, PM Justin Trudeau, PM Narendra Modi,  PM Anthony Albanese, Secretary General Antonio Guterres, President Tayyip Erdogan, PM Fumio Kishida.

Their Royal Highnesses Mohammed Bin Salman, Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and all the leaders of the world.

Proud Pakistani nation, all, thanks them for their assistance, enduring help, kind and gracious words of sympathy and every understanding. The nation prays for their well being, and for their peoples in this dark growing moment of suffering.

THE WORLD STUDENTS SOCIETY : WAS THE ONLY AND THE VERY MOVEMENT IN  MANKIND'S HISTORY - who practised and preached and published that the we should care about people thousands of miles away - and million of years in the future.

How To Do The Most Good : Thirteen years ago, William MacAskill found himself standing in the aisle of a grocery store, agonizing over which breakfast cereal to buy. If he switched to a cheaper brand for a year, could he put aside enough money to save someone's life? His life has often felt like series of difficult choices :

Should he donate even more money to charity? Should he quit academia and work in politics - even if he hated it - in the hopes of having a greater social impact? What if he moved to a different city - could he do more to help others elsewhere?

For anyone enjoying a comfortable life in a world of horrific inequality, examining your choices closely might spark similar questions. For MacAskill, a 35-year-old Scottish philosopher who co-founded a movement dedicated to doing the most good possible, the stakes of even mundane decisions can feel especially high.

YET when we met on a sunny July afternoon in Oxford, he seems to have found a way to carry that load. In fact, for a man who's spent the past few years thinking about how humanity might permanently derail its future, he's surprisingly cheerful.

He's just returned from a week of surfing with his partner Holly Morgan on the south coast of England. After years of suffering from a depression and anxiety, he now prioritizes sleep, exercise, and meditation.

He enjoys swimming outdoors, playing the saxophone, and holding ''fire raves'' in fields with friends, dancing around a bonfire to house music until the early hours.

''There are many things in my life I care about intrinsic reasons,'' he says, ''not because I've done some 12-dimensional maths about how it contributes to the greater good.''

The greater good has been the focus of his work for more than a decade, since he helped start the effective altruism [EA] movement, which aims to use evidence and reasons to find the best ways of helping others, and to put those findings into practice.

EA holds that we should value all lives equally and act on the basis. It is the antithesis of the old do-gooder's credo ''Think global, act local.''

His new book, What We Owe the Future, argues we should expand the moral circle even further :

If we care about people thousands or even millions of years in the future. The book, which has been praised by the likes of Stephen Fry and Elon Musk, makes the case for ''longtermism,'' the view that positively infleuencing the long-term future - not this generation or the next, but the potentially trillions of people still to come - is a key moral priority of our time.

Through analyzing the risks of climate change, man-made pathogens, nuclear weapons, and advanced artificial intelligence, MacAskill has come to believe we're living in a pivotal moment in human history, one where the fate of the world depends significantly on the choices we make in our lifetimes.

For many years EA, which is both a research field and a real-life community, drew a small group of moral philosophers, nonprofit researchers, Bay Area rationalists, and altruistically inclined students. Now their ideas are increasingly taking off outside of those circles.

More than 7,000 people have signed a pledge to give away at least 10% of their income to the kinds of high-impact charities recommended, for example, GiveWell, which started in 2007 in New York City to evaluate charities based on cost-effectiveness.

There are more than 200 EC chapters around the world, from Nigeria to India to Mexico; this year, approximately 6,000 individuals will attend conferencies in cities including Prague, Singapore and San Francisco - where EA, with its data-driven approach to doing good, has found a particularly receptive audience. EAs, as members of this movement call themselves, are working in government, advising on policy, and running for office.

The expansion has been fueled by a susbstantial rise in donations. In 2021, EA-aligned foundations distributed more than $600 million in publicly listed grants - roughly quadruple what they gave five years earlier.

While this is a minute fraction of global philanthropy - and only 0.1% of U.S. giving, which amounted to $485 billion the same year. -the movement is growing and has the support of a new generation of young philanthropists planning to funnel their fortunes into EA causes.

For Mankind and The Global Founder Frames of The World Students Society - for every subject in the world - William MacAskill sums up best : ' '' Everything sucks ''  is not helpful. The relevant question is, what can we do? '

The Honour and Serving of the Latest Global Operational Research on Great Thinking and Works and Accomplishments of Mankind, continues. The World Students Society thanks author Naina Bajekal / Oxford, U.K.

With most respectful dedication to Mankind's Leaders, The Global Founder Framers of !WOW!,  Students, Professors and Teachers of the world.

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