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PLACES : ''' '' WORLD'S 


THE WORLD'S GREATEST PLACES AS PERSISTENT AS THE CHALLENGES OF LIFE IN 2022 is the hope that understanding the human connection can be found through travel.

So, with much of the global population now vaccinated against COVID-19, world travelers are again hitting the road - and the skies.

1.- Dolni Morava, Czech Republic

[One-Of-A-Kind Vistas]

After a few years of grounded travel, take it up a notch by walking the world's longest pedestrian suspension bridge,  a new sky-high architectural marvel in the Czech Republic.

SKY BRIDGE 721, which opened in May after two years of construction, is a new attraction named for the 721 m [nearly half a mile] it spans in the foothills of the Jeseniky Mountains.

Hanging more than 95 m above the cloud-shrouded valley and the Miynsky Stream, it offers panoramic views on a heart pumping walkway that is less than 4 feet wide.

No climbing or sking skills are needed to get your mountain high here. Bragging rights will only require a dose of courage to walk across the bridge.

A 2.5-hour drive [ about 124 miles ] from Prague, Doini Morava mountain resort on the Czech Republic Poland border has already been luring travelers with a love of high-elevation thrills.

Along with ski slopes, it has an alpine roller coaster [ purported to be Europe's second longest ], and another ''walk in the clouds'' attraction, the Sky Walk - a curved wooden walkway and a 100-m-long slide that descends 55 m in a twisting spiral.

Sky Bridge 721 has usurped the current Guinness World Record of longest pedestrian suspension bridge, gaining 154 m on the previous record holder, Baglung Parbat Footbridge in Gandaki province, Nepal. [ Kathleen Rellihan ].

2.- Queenstown New Zealand

Set on the shores of Lake Wakatipu on South Island, Queenstown is both a destination in its own right and a fantastic base to explore the region's diverse landscapes.

With the resumption of flights from Qantas and Air New Zealand, travelers coming to Queenstown can finally check in to a new luxury boutique hotel, the Carlin, with extraordinary views of the lake and the city below.

High rollers can opt for the Skyhome suite - its seven bedrooms make up the largest penthouse in the southern hemisphere.

For groups, Homes & Villas by Marriott launched in June, offering stylish multibedroom apartments and houses.

Kingpin Queenstown, a new entertainment complex with a restaurant and  bar, bowling, and escape rooms, will greet tourists returning after a two-year pandemic hiatus.

Three premier hikes of the Great Walks System - including New Zealand's most famous walk, the Milford Track - are within a couple of hours' driving distance.

The system of trails turns 30 this year, leading hikers through the mountain peaks, valleys, and waterfalls of the Fiordland National Park. And for oenophiles, Invivo [ the winemakers behind Sarah Jessica Parker's sauvignon blanc and rose ] is launching the world's first  winery airline :

A two hour charter service from Auckland to Queenstown later this year, with a visit to South Island's wine growers included in the fare. [ Yulia Denisyuk ]

3.- Ras AI Khaimah, UAE

[ Extreme Amusements ]

Defined by stunning geodiversity, the UAE's fourth largest emirate continues to attract thrill seekers with its superlative outdoor adventure offerings.

Earlier this year Jais Sledder, the region's longest toboggan ride, debuted, whizzing through the mountains to close to 25 m-p.h.

Named after Jebel Jais, the highest peak in the Hajar Mountains, the attraction joins Jais Flight - the world's longest zip line - as one of the Middle East's top adventure activities.

Also not for the faint of heart, the newly launched RAK Airventure is a tethered hot-air balloon experience - the 10-minute flight soars nearly 100 ft high, capturing a breathtaking panorama of the region's natural and urban landscape.

Later in the year, Jebel Jais will unveil Jais Wings, which allows visitors to paraglide above spectacular scenery.

Next year, Jais Swing will offer s different perspective on the same views; and Jais Yard, a culinary village with food trucks, an open-air movie theater, and children play areas, will welcome guests.

Fresh additions to Ras AI Khaimah's hospitality scene, like the Intercontinental Ras AI Khaimah Mina AI Arab Resort and Spa, and the upcoming Movenpick Resort AI Marjan Island, will provide travelers with luxurious enclaves where they can rechange. [ Hannah Foster Roe ]

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