Headline, July 18 2022/ JITTERS : ''' '' BABY ELECTIONS BOOM '' '''



REMEMBER : '' EVERYTHING WE DO MAKES A. DIFFERENCE. AND everything we don't do makes one hell of a difference.

''Welcome World : To The World Students Society - The exclusive ownership of every student in the world.'' And amidst global turmoil of every conceivable kind, the World Students Society rises with hard work and focus and sacrifices to keep changing the world on schedule.

THE STUDENTS of the entire world join the outcry for Global Sequential Elections on The World  Students Society, with the ''electoral processes, elections, timelines, timetables, timings, headed by this great nation and the great students of America.'' Time enough to roll up your sleeves.

All under the auspices, overwatch, scrutiny, with veto decision powers on acceptance, and rejections, truth and falsehood, leading to the final results and announcements, and appeals, by the world's greatest newspaper ''The New York Times.''

The Global Founder Framers are unanimous on this operational law and bye law. So, let's make significant efforts and concessions to get the Global Election process up and moving.

Candidates to host the First Elections : Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Myanmar, Malaysia,  Canada, Nepal, Vietnam, Yemen, Egypt, and Afghanistan. One World Students Society President for every country :

God, Students and Elections.

Engineer and Founder Hero, Hussain Ali who oversees Economics, Democracy and Elections on The World Students Society, will stand accounted for and be answerable to Rabo, Darakshan, Haleema, Sahar, Emaan, Hafsa, Zilli, Vishnu, Ali, Shahzaib, Jordan, Bilal, Zaeem, Ibrahim Basit [LUMS],  Barrister Hamza, and to the students of the entire world.

WE OFFER : ASSUMING THAT TWITTER AND TIKTOK consider and agree to ''give and gift'' just  1% of their respective companies to The World Students Students Society, our First Global Elections will only be held through these splendid social media companies.

TWITTER could be the platform on which to hold the Global Elections, and TIKTOK for tiny video announcements, and fun and laughter.

The Global Founder Framers of The World Students Society from The United States of America should consider and debate this move with equanimity and grace.

THE EXPRESSIONS of Voltaire "I disapprove of what you say, But I'll defend to the death your right to say it'' signifies the importance of the principle of freedom of speech.

In this quest, thinkers like John Locke and JS Mill have also voiced for freedom of speech being an essential component of individual liberty. It is this freedom of express that provides nourishment to democracy. Inferences from such expressions are that we might have different opinions but we have the right to express our opinions.

UNDER article 19 of the United Nations Charter of Universal Declaration of Human Rights :

''Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any medium and regardless of frontiers.

The problem arises when these rights are not protected, which as a result gives rise to hate, frustration and, and at times to extremism and even movements for separation.

Apart from being a constitutional right, freedom of speech is also a guaranteed right in Islam. A famous hadith of the Holy Prophet [Peace be upon him] goes on to say, ''Difference of opinion in the Muslim community is a sign of divine favor'' and ''it is a mercy of God that the theologians differ in opinion.''

GiIVE MONEY AWAY : In ''Reparations : A Christian Call for Repentance and Repair,'' Duke L. Kwon and Gregory Thomson argue that injustice cannot be addressed unless we confront the ways that it inevitably robs people. Injustice isn't an abstract idea but a financial reality that affects people every day.

One way to push back against injustice is for both individuals and corporations to voluntarily re-distribute wealth by giving to organizations that invest in historically marginalized communities.

Giving appears to be up in America, with lower-income workers often giving the most proportionally. A friend of mine told me that the first question to ask in making a budget is, ''How can I use what I have to repair the world?''

TIME TO PRAY : Because prayer, and great struggles, great efforts and work goes together.

And because, ultimately, true renewable requires more than we can do or accomplish on our own. ''May Almighty God - in his infinite mercy, benevolence and wisdom, bless our efforts.''

Invest in Institutions more than personal brands.

The Honour and Serving of the Latest Global Operational Research on Time, Tides, and Mends, continues. The World Students Society thanks authors Syed Khizar Ali Shah & Dr. Akhtar Ali Shad and Tish Harrison Warren.

With most respectful dedication The New York Times, to The Global Founder Framers of The World Students Society, Leaders, Grandparents, Parents, and then Students, Professors and Teachers of the world.

See Ya all prepare and register for Great Global Elections on The World Students Society - for every subject in the world : wssciw.blogspot.com and Twitter - !E-WOW! - The Ecosystem 2011 :

Good Night and God Bless

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