Los Angeles :  'Stranger Things ' actor on season finale. David Harbour says fans will be blown away.

The long wait is almost over for Netflix's fantastic series 'Stranger Things'. Split up in two parts, the first part takes place nine months after the events at Starcourt Mall.

That quirky group of kids has gone so much and season four is a precursor to the end that audiences have been waiting for.

In this season, the gang is faced with a new threat under the name of Vecna, Eleven is trying to regain her abilities and Hopper is still stuck in Russian prison.

The Differ twins have been given a series that is both witty, funny, scary and downright fun to watch. This season has been praised especially for its visual effects and character development.

The fans eagerly awaiting the season four finale of the hit Netflix show, cast member David Harbour has a clear message : ''You''ll be blown away''.

The sci-fi drama, set in the 1980s, returned in late May with the first volume of episodes showing a new supernatural horror emerging from the Upside Down alternate dimension and besetting the fictional Indiana town of Hawkins.

Fans have lavished praise on the new season, which four weeks after its release remains in the top spot on Netflix's English TV List with 102.26 million hours viewed, according to the streaming platform.

The last two episodes, with a finale running at more than two hours, will release on July 1, 2022.

If you've enjoyed season four up until this point, get ready because the last two episodes are the best thing that makes what you've seen look like ''chump change'' compared to it, Harbour, who plays fan favorite character Hopper, told Reuters.

''It's a masterpiece. It's beautiful. It's epic. But it's also on a scale and a scope that almost gets silly and it's like wondrous, almost manga-esque. You're going to be blown away.'' [Reuters]


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