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 DISCUS '' '''

''WHERE THE HELL ARE WE ON ELECTIONS? HAS anyone had a formal word with Twitter's chief, the esteemed Praag Agrawal? If not, then why not? Where are the great students of America on this?

'' HEROES : Rabo, Dee, Haleema, Zilli, Juniper, Sahar, Hafza, Hussain, Shahzaib, Salar, Hamza, Zaeem, Ali, Danyial, Vishnu. Why aren't we tweeting samdailytimes? What and whom do you fear?. The chaos monkey?

For those not familiar, ''chaosmonkey'' - is the name of a piece of software made by Netflix that it called 'resiliency' tool that helps applications tolerate random instance failures.'' In other words, it aims to throw stuff haphazardly into a system to test its robustness.

By now, we have lost Billions of pageviews and millions of readers and well wishers?'' '' Why don't we all want to get a firmer and a very solid footing?''

The World Students Society, is the exclusive ownership and voice of every student in the world. 

AND NOW, some countries in the world are trying new tricks : displaying social media users' locations beneath posts.

The authorities say the location tags, which are displayed automatically, will help unearth disinformation campaigns.

The tags based on a user's Internet Protocol or I.P.address can reveal where a person is located. 

They are also expanded to most social media content. The move marks a new step in a decade long  push by Chinese officials to end anonymity online and exert more control over China's digital town squares.

SPEND enough time on social media, and you'll encounter young people engaged in all sorts of schemes : running drop shipping companies, minting NFTs, pumping crypto, selling real estate in the metaverse.

Many are based in Miami. It's a place where young marketing types have embraced a vision of what the Internet is actually for that is at odds with Silicon Valley's : It's a utopian escape from reality that than an infinite expansion of its strip malls.

BACK in 2017 when Elon Musk was under great pressure to get Tesla on firmer footing after a series of disappointing earnings, he took to Twitter where he showed a great deal of vulnerability - highly unusual for a tech overlord like himself.

''The reality is great highs, terrible lows and unrelenting stress,'' he tweeted. ''Don't think people want to hear about the last two.''

His ability to articulate the emotional challenges of a high-level innovation is why it's always been so interesting to interview Elon Musk.

He goes there, as they say, in ways that are sometimes funny, sometimes juvenile and always revealing, even as he pulls off what are clearly astonishing feats of digital wonder.

Mr. Musk, through Tesla, has single handedly pushed the electric vehicle sector into the mainstream and, with SpaceX, has moved space tech into a new age with reusable rockets.

In this way, Mr. Musk would be the perfect person to transform a sad violin of a company like Twitter, a serial underperformer that has become the Silicon Valley's little engine that couldn't.

For Twitter, leaving the company in the hands of a creative mind with near-limitless resources and a clear enthusiasm for its products to possibly remake it as a private entity is perhaps the best outcome.

Many top-entrepreneurs genuinely respect Mr. Musk's tech chops.

One told me he walked away from an hourslong conversation with Mr. Musk a few weeks ago ''stoked'' about how he might transform and fix Twitter. ''If anyone can do it, when he is at his best, Elon Musk  can.''

When he is at his best is key, because there is also a more disheartening side to the man, as the very voluble Mr. Musk appears to have descended over the past week into becoming what I can only describe as a chaos monkey.

In the stressful 2017, when someone on Twitter asked whether Mr. Musk suffered from bipolar disorder.

He first said, ''Yeah,'' but then wrote : ''Maybe not medically tho. Dunno. Bad feeling correlated to bad events, so maybe real problem is getting carried away in what I sign up for.''

''Carried away'' certainly sounds familiar, as does what he tweeted later when he added : '' If you buy a ticket to hell, it isn't fair to blame hell .... ''

No indeed, it is not. So, what's going to happen next? Dunno - I guess you have to ask the monkey. Just remember to duck.

The Honour and Serving of the latest Global Operational Research on Social Media and the World, continues. The World Students Society thanks author Kara Swisher.

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