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''SIR - I'M A REGISTERED MEMBER OF THE WORLD STUDENTS SOCIETY, and I've the highest of expectations from the 'Global Founder Framers' of !WOW! to build a better world. Please, Sir, tell me, What now?''

'' And, Sir, please, get the dead wood out of the way. Let the world know from the hip draw, all those Global Founder Framers who went on to contribute and work sincerely, and devotedly.

And do consider moving on to a PORTAL. With every country having a trusted-student access to the portal.''

THE ABOVE extract is from a great admiring girl student's conversation with me, that one of the  Founder Framers, Ali Ezzaz Zahid, will duly hold in trust with a photo. The future generations will simply marvel.

I REPLY : '' THANK YOU! The World Students Society is the exclusive ownership of every student in the world. Total power lies with the students, AND !WOW! is led by the great students of America. I will publish your great thinking, and let the students decide.''

HOW THE HELL TO GET THERE ....  BLUE ORIGIN AND VIRGIN GALACTIC, which are both licensed for passenger space travel by the F.A.A. are open for ticket sales. [Blue Origin remains mum on pricing]. 

Both companies currently have hundreds or even thousands of earthlings on their wait lists for a whirl to the edge of space. SpaceX charges tens of millions of dollars for its farther-reaching flights and is building a new facility in Texas that is currently under F.A.A. review.

Craig Curran is a major space enthusiast - he's had a reserved seat on Virgin Galactic flight since 2011 - and the owner of Deprez Travel in Rochester, N.Y.

The travel agency has a special space travel arm, Galactic Experiences by Deprez, through which Mr. Curran sells everything from the rocket launch tickets to astronaut training.

Sales in the space tourism space, Mr. Curran acknowledges, ''are reasonably difficult to make,'' and mostly come from peer-to-peer networking. ''You can imagine that people who spend $450,000 to go to space probably operate in circles that are not the same as yours and mine,'' he said.

Some of Mr. Curran's most popular offerings include flights where you can experience the same stomach-dropping feeling of zero gravity that astronauts feel in space, which he arranges for clients via chartered, specialised 727s that are flown in parabolic arcs to mimic being in space. Operators including Zero G also offer the service; the cost is around $8,200.

You can almost count the number of completed space tourist launches on one hand. -Blue Origin has had four four; Space X, two. Virgin Galactic, meanwhile, early this month announced that the launch of its commercial passenger service, previously scheduled for late 2022, was delayed until early 2023.

Many of those on the waiting lists are biding their time before blastoff by signing up for training. 

Axiom Space, which contracts with SpaceX, currently offers NASA-partnered training at Houston's Johnson Space Center. Virgin Galactic,  which already   offers a   'customised Future Astronauts Readiness program'' at its Spaceport America facility in New Mexico, is also partnering with NASA to build a training program for private astronauts.

Would-be space tourists should not expect the rigor that NASA astronauts face. Training for Virgin Galactic's three-hour trip is included in the cost of a ticket and lasts a handful of days; it includes pilot briefings and being ''fitted for your bespoke Under Armour spacesuit and boots,'' according to its website.

PLEASE STAY A WHILE : IN THE FUTURE - SPACE ENTHUSIASTS INSIST, travelers won't be traveling to space just for the ride. They'll just so definitely want to stay more than a while.

Orbital Assembly Corporation, a manufacturing company whose goal is to colonize space, is currently building the world's space hotels - two ring shaped properties that will orbit Earth, called Pioneer Station and Voyager Station.

The company, quite optimistically, projects an opening date of 2025 for Pioneer Station, with a capacity of 28 guests. The design for the larger Voyager Station, which they say will open in 2027, promises villas and suites, as well as a gym, restaurant and bar.

Both provide the ultimate luxury : simulated gravity. Axiom Space, a space infrastructure company, is currently building the world's first private space station; plans include Philippe Starck-designed accommodations for. travelers to spend the night.

Joshua Bush, chief executive of travel agency Avenue Two Travel, has sold a handful of seats on upcoming Virgin Galactic flights to customers. The market for space travel [ and the sky-high prices that come with it ], he believes, will evolve much like civilian air travel did.

''In the beginning of the 20th century, only very affluent people could afford to fly,'' he said. ''Just as we have Spirit and Southwest Airlines today, there will be some sort of equivalent that in space travel, too.

Hopefully in my lifetime.

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