Ukraine War Causes Giant Leap In Global Food Prices, Says UN


The Ukraine war led to a "giant leap" in food prices last month to another record high, the United Nations says.

The war has cut off supplies from the world's biggest exporter of sunflower oil which means the costs of alternatives have also climbed.

Ukraine is also a major producer of cereals such as maize and wheat which have risen sharply in price too.

The UN said "war in the Black Sea region spread shocks through markets for staple grains and vegetable oils".

The UN Food Prices Index tracks the world's most-traded food commodities measuring the average prices of cereal, vegetable oil, dairy, meat, and sugar.

Food prices are at their highest since records began 60 years ago according to the index, which jumped nearly 13% in March, following February's record high.

The price of vegetable oils soared 23% while cereals were up 17%. Sugar rose 7%, meat was up 5%, while dairy - which has been less affected by the war - only climbed 3%.



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