What You Said About ............'People have to realize that their data is worth a ton of $$$.' @TRAVISHB, on Twitter.

''We need a reset of corporate moral values. Public good matters.'' @CELINEGOUNDER on Twitter.

DELETE ''FACEBOOK''?  After reading Billy Perrigo and Roger  McNamee's features in Oct, 25/Nov - 1 issue, which addressed fallout following the most significant leak of internal research in Facebook's 17-year history, readers shared their frustrations with the social network - and social media in general.

''When sustained, resounding global success is achieved by a single company, we may find ourselves at the 'mercy of' the morality of its leadership,'' wrote Allen Fedeli of Ringwood, N.J.

Sara Bledsoe of Sterling, Colo., called Facebook whistle-blower Frances Haugen ''heroic,'' but worried about consequences she might face for revealing her identity.

''She needs our collective prayers for ongoing protection from the harassments she will surely endure for speaking out,'' she wrote.

Citing ''constant privacy invasions'' like robocalls, junk mail and phishing, William S. Rogers of Brentwood, Tenn., and argued that Big Tech has become too intrusive and needs federal oversight, ''which Congress seems unable or unwilling to effectively address.''

On the other hand, Enrique Puertos of Cleveland, Ga, called for more grassroots activism, writing that ''the real drivers of change will have to be the conscientious users of these platforms.''

And Ella Barry of Arcata, Calif.' shared an example of such change : ''I cancelled Facebook many years ago,'' Barry wrote. ''I am here to tell you that you really can live without it.''

The World Students Society thanks author Time Magazine.


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