Headline, April 13 2022/ ''' '' DEBATES -STUDENTS- DEMURELY '' '''



MANKIND'S HEROES RABO - DEE - ZILLI- HALEEMA - SAHAR - VISHNU - HAMZA - SALAR : do you think and feel confident to debate the students of Harvard, Oxford, China, or for that matter O'' Captain Imran Khan?

WORLD HEROES Shahzaib, Hussain, Jordan, Bilal, Sanan, Zaeem, Toby [China] do you all think Big Tech has an open-source app that allows a ''Real Time Debate'' between students for the world to watch? If not, then why not?

TRANSFORMING MANKIND FOR SUSTAINABILITY : The World Students Society - the exclusive and eternal ownership of every student in the world. All Incomes, all Revenues, Book Rights, Film Rights belong to the students.

THE STUDENTS OF GREAT INDIA AND THE STUDENTS OF PROUD PAKISTAN should begin preparing to debate each other. The students of Russia should begin preparing to debate the students of Ukraine and !WOW!.

ON THE WORLD STUDENTS SOCIETY the future is : ''working together - restoring trust''. !WOW! must endeavour to serve as a compass to guide world leaders to work together to tackle global challenges : inequality, human rights and climate change.

Debates play a pivotal role in the cognitive grooming and intellectual growth of a society. A conducive, pluralistic and enabling environment allows the debating culture to thrive with invaluable dividends. A society engaging in healthy debate and showing utmost respect and tolerance to opposing views attains unrivalled intellectual, social, economic and political maturity.

In addition to being a cradle of innovation, creativity and enlightenment, a healthy debate is a proven tool to authenticate existing belief and knowledge systems and tests the veracity of prevailing doctrines and dogmas.

It bolsters critical thinking, improves cognitive development, enables out-of-the box thinking, polishes reasoning, and reforms problem-solving skills.

Moreover, it also develops tolerance, pluralism, and compassion and guarantees a specific resolution of disputes.

However, a constructive and result orientated debate is by no means similar to heated arguments, verbal assaults or physical aggression. It is instead logically framed discourse backed by compelling facts and theories. Regrettably, the space for debating has dwindled over time in the world.

It is being increasingly replaced by emotional, partial and prejudicial discourse and in some cases personal brawls. Healthy debate is being discouraged in all arenas of life.

In educational institutions, parroting of hard facts, and submitting to the teacher's prejudicial beliefs are the only accepted practices. Critical thinking and creative inquiries of pupils ignored and punished on the pretext of being ''irrelevant'' to the narrowly framed and suffocating syllabus.

While hard sciences including medicine and engineering are more acceptable to the developing world, say Pakistan, the scope of social sciences in the country is confined to just a few sectors. Questioning beyond the limit is considered a taboo.

This is because epistemological and philosophical perspectives are hardly incorporated in academic, professional and public discourses. A reasoned debate and a logically designed argument backed by a rationale is least received in our public discourse.

Instead, it is egoism and hard mentality that build the core of the public psyche. The knowledge base of most people is in line with the majoritarian mindset. Herd mentality leads most of our actions. Dogmas and fallacies define our directions.

This sort of debate produces more divisions and further blurs our reality to a point where we can easily be deluded.

In the midst of this suffocating intellectual milieu, emotional and intolerant temperaments persist and thrive. Winning an argument through fallacious logic that stirs public sentiment becomes the norm. Personal preferences and prejudices defines ones take.

We reject altogether what we can't or are unwilling to understand. Most of us are quick to disregard and reject what goes against our long-held though ill-advised beliefs. As a result, intolerance often leads to disputes arising out of difference. In many instances, differences of opinions and minor exchange of words are enough to ignite disputes.

The growing instances of interpersonal and tribal feuds are its horrifying manifestations. Disregarding debate eventually obstructs peaceful resolution leading to fractures within society.

At the root of this shrinking space for productive debate lies illiteracy, ill-informed dogmas, centuries -old mythologies and utmost disregard to disciplines that encourage rationalism., logic and sanity.

The world must realize the significance of having a healthy debate. Therefore, we must promote it at all levels - academic, professional, public and governance - if we are to reap its invaluable benefits. Only a constructive debate can empower us to face modern challenges unleashed by the fast-paced global order.

The Honour and Serving of the Latest Global Operational Research and Writings, continues. The World Students Society thanks author Ali H Bangwar.

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