Los Angeles : Pop star Camila Cabello went from a bad place to a good place in the making of her recently released third album, Familia. 

The 25-year-old singer said part of that happiness came from a priority shift. ''I was just like in a really kind of shitty place, like a mental health wise.'' she said.

In November 2021, Cabello and singer Shawn Mendes ended their nearly three-year-long relationship. Cabello shared, ''Obviously, I want to make good songs, but to me, It's just like, I just want to have a good time today in the studio and feel safe and feel relaxed and feel like I'm being true to myself.''

The Cuban-born American singer said the album, produced by Sony Group Corp's Epic Records, was made with very few people and she hopes fans hear the trust and intimacy in the music.

''Compared to my previous albums, I think I'm just in a better, more grounded, more, well rounded space. My first two albums was, like late teens early 20s - I had a lot of anxiety making those albums,'' she added.

Cabello got her start as part of the girl group Fifth Harmony and unexpectedly departed that lineup in  2016. On track three, Psychofreak, Cabello sings, '' I don't blame the girls for how it went down ...... '' and confirmed those lyrics referred to her former group members.

''That song is basically about anxiety and all of the different things that have made up like my journey with anxiety and starting off really young in the industry.''

Cabello revealed she now has limited but positive contact with the women from the group. ''We have been like supportive of each other through like DMs and Stuff,'' she said.

''I'm like in a really good place with them.'' [ Reuters ]


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