1.- KAMI Investing In Teachers

During the pandemic, education technology firm Kami - which lets teachers share learning resources, conduct virtual classes, provide feedback, and more - offered its products for free to its 32 million teachers and students in 180 countries, despite having no other revenue source.

That move has paid off as districts made decisions later on about how to spend their money; Deloittee named Kami New Zealand's fastest-growing business last year following nearly 1,200% revenue increase. [Jared Lindzon]

2.- ALASKA AIRLINES : Cleaning Up Air Travel

In part to reach its commitment of going net zero by 2040, Alaska Airlines became the first carrier to implement Flyways, AI software that plots more efficient routes.

Over the course of a year, Flyways helped Alaska cut flight times and save 1.6 million gallons of fuel. While the airline's climate targets are ambitious - Alaska burns 750 million gallons of fuel a year -addressing climate change has become a key focus for CEO Ben Minicucci and the Seattle-based carrier. [Alana Samuels]

3.- EC CONNECT : Charging The Future

EV Connect, which runs 60,000 charging stations for electric vehicles [EVs] across the U.S. and Canada, makes it easy for hotels, hospitals, schools, and more to offer charging solutions.

It manages hardware solutions, customer service, and driver support on the back end, while its tech platform makes it easy for brands and public services to integrate chargers into their existing apps and services.

The company powered over 22 million electric miles over the past year - the equivalent of more than half a million gallons of gasoline. [J.L.]


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