''Artists from around the world take a stand for Ukraine''. The World's artists all have called for peace. Author, activist and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Malala Yousafzai called for Russia to stop attacking Ukraine immediately.

''History tells us that wars cause irreversible and unimaginable loss. Civilians are killed; homes, schools and places of worship destroyed. People need peace, stability and dignity more than anything else.

Pakistan's star Singer Momina Mustehsan, whose family was one settled in Kyiv for nearly half a decade, chimed in rather emotionally, ''For nearly half a decade, my family called Kyiv home,'' she tweeted.

''The people of Ukraine have every right to their sovereignty, without unprovoked aggression from their neighbours. Pray for all human lives and hoping for  better sense to prevail. War is never the answer.''

Global Stars Chip In

Hollywood's Angelina Jolie a UNHCR special envoy - shared a message on her Instagram highlighting the efforts being made to protect those displaced during the conflict.

''Like many of you, I am praying for the people of Ukraine,'' she said. ''My focus along with my UNHCR colleagues is that everything possible is done to ensure the protection and basic human rights of those displaced, and refugees in the region.''

Author Stephen King, in a widely shared post on Twitter wrote, ''What most of us learned as kids on the paying ground : You don't stand by while a big kid beats up a little kid.You might take a punch or two making the big kid stop but that's the right thing to do.''

Rapper Cardi B tweeted, ''Wish these world leaders [would] stop tripping about power and really think about who's really getting affected [citizens] besides the whole world is in crisis. Wars, sanctions, invasions should be that last thing these leaders should worry about.''

Former Good Morning Britain presenter Piers Morgan called Putin a ''bully-boy-thug'' who thinks ''the rest of the world doesn't have the guts or will to stop him.''

Moscow born Grammy-nominated singer Regina Spektor condemned Putin's actions in a Instagram post featuring a picture of her younger self in USSR on the ''day WWII ended for us,'' The 42-year-old wrote :

''There were, and still are, real Nazis in the world. But in Ukraine there are just millions of civilians being pulled into a war and in Russia there are children being sent to fight and die for no reason other than the bottomless and horror filled 'more more more' of politicians and corporations. And it's terrifying.......

Professional wrestler and actor John Cena, on the contrary, drew ire for apparently using the crisis to promote his HBO series Peacemaker.

In a tweet on Thursday, Cena's reaction to the escalating crisis read : ''If I could somehow summon the powers for a real life hashtagPeacemake, I think this would be great time to do so.''

His post included a sponsored hashtag for the HBO Max series, in which he stars as the titular DC Comics superhero Indian writer, director and producer Farhan Akhtar also tweeted : ''Thoughts with Ukraine, may better sense prevail and peace be restored as soon as possible.''

Priyanka Chopra-Jonas, who is a global goodwill ambassador for UNICEF, shared on Instagram:

''The situation unfolding in Ukraine is terrifying. Innocent people living in fear for their lives and the lives of their loved ones, while trying to navigate the uncertainty of the immediate future,'' she posted.

Indian screenwriter Javed Akhtar, on the other hand, asked why the western powers are ''indifferent'' towards a ''smaller'' country like Yemen.

''If the Russian-Ukrainian conflict evokes a sense of fairness and justice, a humane desire to protect the weaker in them, why all the western powers are totally indifferent toward Saudi carpet bombings and atrocities on a small country like Yemen?''

Ukraine artists call out 'aggressor' Russia

Filmmaker Sergei Loznitsa chimed in : ''For eight years the Russian Federation has waged war against Ukraine. For eight years, Western Europe tried ignore this war, continued to cooperate with and support the aggressor.

Now, if there is no tough reaction from the EU and NATO countries, it will end badly for everyone.''

While Katya Petrovskaya said, ''We are dealing with a tyrant who earns from war - that is his source of money, his 'business model'. This has to stop.''

Writer Andrei Kurkov asked, ''Where are the voices of artists from France, Germany, the US?''

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