What you said about .......  TV'S Greatest Fans the showrunner Shonda Rhimes raved about finding her on the cover of Time Magazine and the accompanying profile by Time's TV critic Judy Berman.

''An incredible creative mind, storyteller and and leader to look up to,'' tweeted O Allie O'Connell of Rhimes. Tarika Barrett applauded Rhimes ''honesty'' and wisdom in the piece, also labeling her an ''incredible leader and role model.''

''How is it possible to have so much brilliance in one person?'' wrote Joanna Green on Facebook.

Many readers took the opportunity TO SHARE WHAT RHIMES and her show means to them.

''Thank you for the characters we all love, hate, want to love or be like,'' Deborah Phillips Carroll wrote on Facebook. ''If I need an inspiration or a way to articulate a feeling, I do one of the three things,'' tweeted Janie Octia.

''Watch a favorite Grey's anatomy episode, listen to a speech or a podcast with Shonda Rhimes or read a profile about her.''

Judy Smith, the public relations mogul and crisis manager who inspired Rhimes' show Scandal, shared  Berman's profile, tweeting, ''Love seeing Shonda Rhimes's honored for the amazing shows she has brought to TV and honored to have been a part of Scandal with her.''

The World Students Society thanks Time Magazine.


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