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HAVE YOU ALL SEEN OR MET OR UNDERSTOOD HIS EXCELLENCY THE PRIME MINISTER OF PAKISTAN : O'' Captain Imran Khan? Best that you do. He is the future of Great Pakistan.

THE WORLD STUDENTS SOCIETY - THE GLOBAL FOUNDER FRAMERS, and the students of the entire world rise, to give His Excellency : O '' Captain Imran Khan, a standing ovation, good wishes and every prayer.

O'' CAPTAIN IMRAN KHAN : THE SECRETS OF HIS NATION BUILDING SUCCESS : '' PERFORMANCE WITH A PURPOSE '' : To build a great nation. By far the hardest and elusive, and exalted struggle.

MILLIONS OF YOU HAVE ASKED ME THE WORLD OVER, So I now take the liberty to say just a few words for Proud Pakistan's greatest son - a first tier leader, the endowed, honoured and a life long member of The World Students Society.

ROOTED IN A DEEP STUDY : I enclose a hug, love and blessings and every success for the great man. The History Business proudly honours him with his love for Pakistan, tireless efforts, to battle against evil and all forces - is apparent and infectious.

IN HER JUST RELEASED BOOK ''MY LIFE IN FULL : WORK, FAMILY AND OUR FUTURE", former PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi offers insight into her exacting style, one laced with compassion, loyalty and deep relationships that get results.

Several themes surface repeatedly with broad application for life, career and overlaps within.

First, it's O.K. to love work, Perhaps in all reams written on the juggle, especially for women, the part that often feels shafted is the work itself. Nooyi's love of the job - from walks on the factory floors to battles with activist investors - is apparent and infectious.

She uses wonky but relatable examples to explain how to predict and embrace change even in behemoth companies, like going to supermarkets and Walmart tos to assess Frito-Lay packaging and placement on shelves, and how watching parents and kids at birthday parties shun soda was a precursor to PepsiCo's focus on healthier products.

She recounts working long hours and skipping vacation to dive into the guts of a billion-dollar-plus proposal to overhaul enterprise software, and why its is important for leaders to understand all aspects of what they are approving.

Sharing your passion for your job with your family is necessary and important, says Nooyi, especially so that children understand why Mom is away : she loves you, but she also loves her work.

Not that family does not figure in Nooyi's work place. For years, she kept a dry-erase board in her office just for the kids. And she received help in times of crisis, from bosses who gave her paid leave when her father was dying to colleagues who offered to do school pickups.

There are also the ways Nooyi's recognised the families of her staffers. She wrote letters to the parents of colleagues to thank them for their role in their child's stellar performance.

Over and over, Nooyi found herself in jobs or situations, where she lacked expertise in an industry or product. In response, she had no problems turning to experts.

At Motorola, she recounts, two community-college professors came to her office twice a week, one to explain how automobiles work and the other to discuss ''solid-state physics and electronics.''

This instinct serves her well over time. At PepsiCo, Nooyi turns to experts in design, science and technology, eventually hiring a chief scientific officer. ''Science,'' she says ''could be at the heart of reimagining the global food system.''

At critical junctures in her career, Nooyi has also accepted help from some of the men in her life. From bosses and colleagues to her father-in-law and her husband. Nooyi says, these men preemptively jumped in to offer support. Notably, the book puts equal responsibility for balance and caregiving on men.

Nooyi says being a mother is one of her most cherished roles. But one night, after being named president of PepsiCo, she came home and her mother ordered her to go get milk. Annoyed. Nooyi felt she couldn't even revel in this newfound title and success.

Her mother replied, ''You may be the president or whatever of PepsiCo, but when you come home, you are a wife and a mother and a daughter. Nobody can take your place. So you leave that crown in the garage.'' Such humility might not be expected of men, but Nooyi accepted it as a small price to keep peace at home.

PepsiCo's transformation under Nooyi's leadership rested on a concept called Performance with  Purpose [PwP]. She writes, ''PwP would transform the way PepsiCo made money and tie our business success to these objectives : Nourish. Replenish. Cherish.'' Purpose translates, thus, to not just business objectives but life itself.

Since retiring, Nooyi has worked endless hours on a Covid-19 task force, Her mother - who once said to leave the crown in the garage - seems to have had a change of heart. The need to accommodate each other might be more needed than ever.

''You are someone who wants to help the world, and not many people are like you,'' her mother said. ''I don't think you should worry about the house so much. You have to give back as much as you can.''

The Honour and Serving of the Latest Global Operational Research on Great Leaders all, continues. The World Students Society thanks author S Mitra Kallita. Kalita is a co-founder and CEO of URL Media, publisher of Epicenter-NYC and columnist for Charter, in partnership with Time.

With most respectful dedication to O''Captain Imran Khan, H.E. Prime Minister of Proud Pakistan, Indra Nooyi, and then Leaders, Grandparents, Parents, Students, Professors and Teachers of the world.

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Good Night and God Bless

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