Dr Abdus Salam sculpture unveiled. Artist Jamal Shah's masterpiece is a brilliant take on the late Nobel Laureate and physicist.

An ode to the celebrated physicist and Pakistan's first Nobel Laureate, Dr. Abdus Salam, a sculpture was unveiled in his memory by the International Atomic Energy Agency [ IAEA ] director general Yukiya Amano at IAEA's 61st general conference, according to Foreign Office [FO] records. The day also marked Salam's 60th birth anniversary.

The bust, placed alongside those of other notable figures who were instrumental in the promotion of nuclear science and technology, is a creation of Pakistani veteran actor and sculptor, Jamal Shah.

The latter mastermind behind the beautifully crafted sculpture, took to Twitter to reveal that his creation is placed at the IAEA.

He shared his disappointment to see figures of almost all celebrated scientists except Salam, and hence took it in his hands to do the job.

''At IAEA's headquarters of the atomic energy commission, there were almost all scientist sculptures but not of Dr Abdus Salam, so I decided to make a sculpture of him.

I handed over this sculpture to them and now it is present there. It is in bronze and it was specifically made to give a tribute to him.

I usually don't make portraits as my sense and style of sculpture making is different but this type of sculpture is just for him,'' shared Shah with pride.

Husham Ahmed, a Pakistani diplomat in Turkey, posted the news on Twitter and netizens shared it widely for recognition.

The World Students Society thanks News Desk, The Express Tribune.


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