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 HIGHER '' '''

WE LIVE IN A WORLD DOMINATED BY TECHNOLOGY, information sharing and globalisation. The concept of geographical boundaries, communication and information sharing has completely transformed over the years. A small event can have a global impact

BOLLYWOOD ACTOR ZAIRA WASIM IS the latest celebrity on a growing list of public figures who have spoken up about the orchestrated hijab row in India. The '' Secret Superstar '' actor wrote :

''The inherited notion of the hijab being a choice is an ill-informed one. It's often either a construct of convenience or ignorance. Hijab isn't a choice but an obligation in Islam.''

Zaira Wasim continues, '' I as a woman who wears the hijab with gratitude and humility, resent and  resist this entire system where women are being stopped and harassed for merely carrying on a religious commitment.''

Elaborating on the unjust nature of making Muslim choose between education and hijab, Zaira added, ''Stacking this bias against Muslim women and setting up systems where they have to decide between education and hijab or to give up either is an absolute injustice.''

THE WORD HIJAB means a veil worn by certain Muslims in the presence of men outside their immediate family. Hijab is a physical reminder of how people prefer to represent themselves.

It symbolises religion, culture and the person wearing it.

Hijab is a personal choice of self- representation, a fundamental right. On the other hand, there are many negative connotations related to hijab which leads to the resilience and a desire to break the stereotype among these women.

All they seek is acceptance as a human with a specific expression of life. It is more than attire; it is a lifestyle. It is how these women identify modesty, freedom, liberation, independence and sovereignty.

The latest hijab ban in schools in southern India, followed by countrywide violent clashes, shamelessly reveals the reality of secular India, diversity and acceptance as advocated by the West and its allies.

Additionally, the Indian High Court ordered that no student should insist on wearing religious dress till the matter is resolved.

But why is hijab so critical to these women? Why does the world associate negative connotations with a personal choice? Why do these women have an uncompromising commitment to stand for hijab when it is nothing more than iron shekel as perceived?

Is this merely a narcissistic romance with the concept of hijab or is it much deeper than that? What does hijab mean to us, the women of Islam.

There are two ways to approach this complicated topic : religious and human aspects. Let's understand some human reasons which amplify the value of hijab to women who prefer to wear it.

The ''comfort'' or ''normal'' differs from person to person, culture to culture, and religion to religion. The mistake made here is the false practise of seeking to generalise this diverse concept.

The mistake made here is the false practise of seeking to generalise this diverse concept. The idea of acceptance and tolerance gradually fades in the quest for this impossible goal.

Hijab being a lifestyle they choose, women of hijab feel deprived of their free will when one tries to alter that, imposing on them what they consider ''normal''. The rejection leads to resistance, which strengthens the stereotype, and the vicious cycle continues.

THESE WOMEN find their confidence in spirituality, modesty and religion.The world has generously accepted many novel concepts during the last few decades, like gender liquidity, LGBT marriages, parenting, nudity, etc.

It is impossible to isolate oneself from the information flow because of the Internet, communication and information explosion, making tolerance the only practical option. Sadly, the women of hijab are not dealt with the same passion, compassion and preference.

They are conveniently marginalised and tabooed. Alarmingly, the hatred is reaching the next level, and now they are being deprived of the basic human rights such as education, security, work etc.

Another aspect that gained the limelight during the last few decades is the significance of emotional intelligence in this highly globalised world.

Emotional intelligence is the capacity to understand, manage and use your emotions in positive ways to resolve conflicts, communicate effectively, relieve stress, and empathise with others.

Are we witnessing emotional intelligence as a privilege bestowed on few, or will the world rise above that and accept hijab as a fundamental human right of self representation, confidence, spirituality, and essence of one's life in a nutshell?

It is high time to break out from the stereotype related to hijab. If not, the world will gradually become an appetite for for the venomous anaconda of hatred, hostility, prejudice, discrimination and intolerance.

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