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SPORTS PRESENTER ERIN HOLLAND : ''I HOPE THESE YOUNG WOMEN LOOK AT us and see themselves in us. We're all one people and we are all here to play this sport we love so much.''

Sports presenter Erin Holland's naturally appealing personality and commitment to her task of hosting the PSL has found her the balance between finding a place in the heart of Pakistani men and women, and an allure that doesn't rely on exoticising everything local.

Of course, the optics of her awe-inspiring take on traditional attire have a lot to do with this combo but perhaps, a lot more has to do with the fact that she associates herself with Sana Mir, Zainab Abbas and Urooj Aftab as part of the league who are going to redefine women's participation in sports.

While she jokes about how she looks so perfectly ready for rishta had she been given a tea trolley to push are all funny and relevant, Erin has put a lot more at stake, including her own love life to be a part of the PSL and it is only the Gulab Jaman and Biryani combo that helps her get over the blues.

Erin is married to cricketer Ben Cutting who too is a regular feature at the PSL, and while the couple has been in the country around the same time, Holland revealed she hasn't really had a chance to spend time with her spouse.

Talking about how she's a bundle of nerves whenever Cutting is on the field, Holland added, '' Whenever Ben is playing, I am just an absolute mess. There's so much pressure on the players to perform, it's really hard.

They have to be in bio-bubble, they're really cut off from the outside world. Imagine just going out for food or gym and not being able to meet anyone; not meeting your family. It's not easy.''

'' It takes time, I think,'' Erin opened up in a conversation with The Express Tribune. ''But I am not limiting this comment for women trying to make it big in sports. This, I think, goes for any profession. It's important to realize that it takes time.

In my country, women have been working their way and it is so refreshing to see Pakistan is giving more opportunities to women in sports. PSL is making way for women in cricket and this is something we should applaud.

Holland then added how there's always an added pressure on international players. ''They have to really prove themselves here. So, I do think there's an added pressure when you aren't from the same country,'' she added.

''But I do think there's immense pressure on everyone. It gets very mentally taxing, very lonely. They live a very sheltered life.

When people bash the players, I hope they remember this. I really hope things get better soon.'' Having said that, Holland believes it's a sacrifice necessary for entertaining the fans.

''I know the players must miss their families. I am really fortunate to be here with Ben. But you know what? I know everyone involved believes this is a sacrifice worth making. After all, cricket really unites us. It brings us so much joy. I can't wait to come back here next year and really have the privilege to celebrate the sport.''

''Oh, I am super pumped about returning to Pakistan!'' she exclaimed. ''This is my third installment of PSL, and I am ecstatic to come back to Pakistan.'' Erin, because of the ongoing pandemic wasn't able to make it to Pakistan last year.'' Oh, that made me miserable! I love this country and the people, the hospitality it gives to everyone.

I was terribly sad I was going to miss that. I really enjoy my time here and like I said, people are so welcoming. It's unreal.''

Holland has also become a huge foodie when it comes to Pakistani cuisine. And like many, she's taken an immense liking to the finger-licking desi dishes and of course, she loves biryani!

''On, biryani has to be my personal favorite,'' she commented. ''Even though my spice tolerance is really low but I cannot get enough of Biryani. It's scrumptious. My friends here are always making jokes about how I like my food really mild. They'd always say. 'There's spicy and then there's Erin spicy.'

So, when they say the latter, I understand they know how I like my food.'' Adding on, she said, ''I also devour paneer handi whenever it is in the menu. It's an absolute favourite.''

Apart from biryani, Holland revealed she has a huge sweet tooth. ''I am such a dessert person, God,'' she laughed.'' I love Gulab Jamans. How delicious are they! I am always having them like they're going out of style. I recently tried kheer as well and I loved it.

But I think it's ' gulab jamans ' that have a special place in my heart.

So, Acing the game like Erin, it would be fair to conclude that Proud Pakistan's love for Australian cricket presenter isn't a one-sided affair.

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