Football Legend Michael Owen promises a global gateway for Pakistan. Owens is ready to mould the country's raw talent into a professional, international team.

ISLAMABAD : Proud Pakistan is a potential incubator for promoting international football team and the right amount of effort could serve as a key to the unexplored fund of the country's natural raw talent for the sport, former England ace striker Michael Owen.

The football legend, who is on a three-day visit to Pakistan to strategise the revival of the sport, is all upbeat about the prospective international football team stepping onto European soil to play against top international football leagues.

''I can't see why Pakistan cannot have a successful national team,' Owen said while speaking to The Express Tribune, noting that the dogged enthusiasm and amusement among the country youth were in need of being chanelised through a proper structure.

And once that structure is in place, Owen pointed out, there was no reason to doubt why Pakistan wouldn't be a force to be reckoned with in years to come. It is a ceratinity, he added.

The former England ace striker is promoting international football in the country in collaboration with Global Soccer Ventures [GSV].

Owen played for Liverpool, Real Madrid and Manchester United in an illustrious career, will also lay the foundation stone of a football stadium in Karachi.

Last year, Owen had signed a three year deal to become the first official ambassador of the Pakistan Football League [ PFL ]. His role will include creating a global professional gateway for new Pakistani footballers.

The venture has also struck a special strategic partnership with Prime Minister Imran Khan's Kamyab Jawan programme in a bid to groom Pakistan football talent.

However, any creative spirit must engage with the labour of time, energy and above all, investment. ''It's going to take time,'' Owen emphasised as a a caveat.

Nevertheless, he said he was optimistic about getting a few Pakistani players in the European leagues in the near future, in the coming years.

''That would be amazing because it would prove that Pakistan can create players beyond its national border.''

He said in the trial period, 20 players will be picked up and trained who can potentially get a professional contract. A training and trial process has already begun to identify the most talented players.

'' Once we identify them, then. of course, they're going to get an unbelievable opportunity to go to Europe, make a career out of the game and brush up their talent.''

''That's something that's quite exciting. That's something that I'm sure the Pakistani public will see,'' Owen said with a thrill.

Football culture in a cricket crazy country?

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