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OVER THE LAST DECADE PLUS : WE PUBLISHED Sam Daily Times every single day. AND to be obvious and honest with you all, and the world, perfection takes focus, integrity, hard work and TIME.

THE WORLD STUDENTS SOCIETY'S HIT HONOURS for the young angelic founders Mayna,  Maria, Hanyia and Merium captured and caught a teetering world.

Which great seniors could help to teach these little ones, how to '' map their minds '' on paper. Rabo? Dee? Haleema? Sahar? Armeen? Emaan? IF no one senior truly steps forward to help them, then, it goes without saying, that I will do that part too with great love and affection and as an honour.

Out of mapping will emerge a great design. And from that the little ones will plan to begin publishing before this year is out. Welcome to The World Students Society - the exclusive ownership of every student in the world.

Josh Wardle, a software engineer in New York, knew his partner loved word games, so he created a guessing game for just the two of them. As a play on his name, he named it WORDLE.

On Nov 1, 90 people played.

On Jan 2, just over two months later more than 300, 000 people played.

Welcome to the whole world on The World Students Society - the greatest game mankind ever got to invent.

We need a second cut of ' Don't Look Up.' Jennifer Lawrence, Leonardo DiCaprio and Timothee Chalamet bloom in '' Don't Look Up.'' It has broken a Netflix viewing record and launched an array of pundit takes.

The new movie ''Don't Look Up,'' about a collision between a planet-killing comet and a frivolous America, is something of a critical failure - its score on Rotten Tomatoes.com is currently only 55 percent fresh - but a clear cultural success.

In a world where it's hard for non-superhero movies to hardly make a ripple, it has broken a Netflix viewing record and launched an array of movie critic arguments and pundit takes - some of them politically unpredictable, including both left-leaning critiques and right-leaning admiration.

Officially the movie is an allegory about climate change, a conceit that its director, Adam McKay, has emphasized in online sparring with its critics.

'' If you don't have at least a small ember anxiety about the climate collapsing [ or the U.S. teetering], McKay tweeted recently, '' I am not sure 'Don't Look Up' makes any sense. It's like a robot viewing a love story. 'WHy ArE thEir FacEs so cLoSe ToGether? ' ''

Art, though, has a way of escaping the intentions of its creators. McKay's tweets notwithstanding, his comet scenario is a lousy allegory for the climate challenge, for reasons painstakingly elaborated by New York Magazine's Eric Levitz in one the best responses to the movie as a would-be policy intervention.

But the pandemic that arrived before production started turned out to be a better fit for the allegory - a fast moving and unexpected threat rather than a grinding long-term challenge.

And ultimately ''Don't Look Up'' is most effective when it's just a movie about that parenthetical in McKay's tweet - the idea of ''teetering'' America, with a specific existential threat almost incidental to the portrait of systemic failure.

This is the biggest reason, I suspect, that the movie is commercial hit and conversation fodder even for people who dislike it : Because it opens one of the widest lenses on American decadence since the years when '' The Wire '' and '' The Sopranos '' were both on HBO.

YET I'm still one of the critics who thought the movie failed in the end, because its impulse to indict everyone, from TV news to social media, is in tension with its desire to deliver a pious message about Listening to Science.

The latter impulse ensures that its satire is gentlest when it takes on the expert class, the academic -industrial complex. And its plot ultimately turns on a single terrible decision by a populist president, the systemic critique sacrificed to ideological point scoring.

But since the movie is almost the comprehensive portrait of decadence we need, I'm going to offer some script doctoring, and give you the cut of '' Don't Look Up'' that might have been, had somebody hired me to consult.  Here goes.

ACT 1 : the comet is discovered by amateur astronomy geeks who comb telescope footage the government collects but doesn't bother to examine.

Their findings are hyped by a mix of doomsday preppers and tech bros, while academic authorities dismiss the claims as misinformation and Twitter censors users who insist the comet is going to hit Earth.

ACT 2 : A group of Harvard astronomers confirm the comet's direct trajectory, and suddenly the media turns on a dime and begins hyping the threat.

But the president, a right-wing populist aiming for re-election, prefers to postpone dealing with it, so she hypes an obscure Bible-college astronomer who thinks the chance of impact is under 10 percent.

The Honor and Serving of the Latest Global Operational Research on Great Movies, and Times, continues. The World Students Society thanks author Ross Douthat.

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