Headline, December 30 2021/ ''' '' LITTLE ANGELS LINEUP '' '''


 LINEUP '' '''

THE WORLD STUDENTS SOCIETY IS THE PUREST AND ACTUAL HONOURS representing the consciousness of the entire humanity and the world.

'O' LITTLE ANGELS : '' May God Almighty watch over you all in every hurdle and obstacle that comes your way. Ameen. ''

PEDAL. PEDAL. PEDAL. PEDAL AND GLIDE......... and go soaring and show the world its glory and  honors. And all the while observing, analyzing  and inspiring the seniors.

Under the ever watchful and loving eyes of Rabo, Haleema, Dee and Sahar Khan, Shabzadi Mayna will plan, coordinate and call the Global Founders meeting to order. 

In attendance will be founder Maria Basit, and founder Haanyia Khan, and founder Merium Khan and founder Ibrahim and founder Saad.

The overall overseeing, passwords and all, honors and sacrifices go entirely to the credit of Rabo, who shall hold them in custody and safety till the Angels have sprout their wings and begin flying sorties around the nest.

The passwords will also be submitted under sealed cover for trusteeship and stewardship to First Lady Michelle Obama, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and H.E. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, O'' Captain H.E.  Prime Minister Imran Khan. and H.E. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The World will be watching as the great site and spectacle unfolds. Engineer, Hero, Shahzaib Khan to honour the count down and lift off procedures. And remember : '' Blessed are the peace makers ''.

ALL POLICIES AND PLANS in the Headline Posts of Sam Daily Times. 

'' Nothing left to chance, nothing left to error. '' All that for Student Angels, Maynah, Maria, Haanyia, Merium, Azan, Ibrahim, and Sofia.''

Student Angel Shabzadi Mynah, and Student Angel Maria Basit to go call their Founder Framers  meeting to order on the Web and set about accomplishing three things :

1.- Get In

2.- Get Known

3.- Get Shining

So, it is with this in mind, that The World Students Society rises to both welcome and nominate Dr. Saadia Asif, as a lifelong friend of the Angels, a Guide, and Mentor and a Devotee to the cause of building an Ecosystem for every child angel of the world. We all rise for an ovation, unending.

IN ALL SINCERITY, I don't think anything can ever be more important or more enabling for entire Mankind than the rise of The World Students Society - the exclusive ownership of every student in the world.

Dr Saadia Asif will infuse excitement and novelty into the lives of these beautiful angels, while avoiding political controversy and hard to fix problems like misinformation and hate speech. She will help children learn cryptocurrency and a decentralized web.

SCHOOLS ROBOT MASTERS : Edtech that helps teachers is more promising than edtech that replaces teachers.

Covid-19 forced 10 years of digital transformation in schools to take place in a month, says John Martin, the former leader of Sanoma Learning, an education technology -[edtech] company.

Teachers suddenly become more willing to use technology because the alternative was not to teach. Much of this technology will remain as pupils head back to the classroom this term. But the experience has refined what edtech is really for.

School closures also forced entrepreneurs to grapple with a stark truth : few are interested in completely disrupting the classroom.For decades innovators imagined a future without traditional learning. MOOCS [ massive open online courses ], like Udacity and Coursera, were supposed to replace in -person learning.

Teachers and school administrators feared that technologists were aiming to replace them. Before the pandemic, most American schools were hesitant to adopt technology, says Jean Hammond, co-founder of Learn-Launch Accelerator, a startup programme.

''Lots of cool, amazing little things would come along. But because schools hadn't been trained in how to adopt new technology, change was very slow.''

Tech entrepreneurs ''put the tech before the ed'' before the pandemic, explains Mr.Martin. Innovators have since grasped that their technology must support teachers in the classroom rather than attempt to remove them, he explains. Much of the $2.2 in venture and private-equity capital raised in 2020 is being invested with this in mind.

Teachers training is one example of what this means in practice. Traditional teacher training is limited.

''What teachers learn, they listen to people talk about teaching, and they talk with each other about teaching. They very rarely teach things,'' explains Justin Reich of the Teaching Systems Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

''If you look at how nurses are trained, how therapists are trained, how clergy members are trained, they practice what they're doing all the time.''

This is starting to change. Researchers at the University of Virginia [UVA] are training their education students using virtual reality simulators created by Mursion, a tech company.

The teacher trainees experience several virtual practice scenarios such as parent-teacher conference, small-group instruction, and large group instruction.

A digital puppet master plays the role of the parent and pupils behind the scenes, but the developers plan for the programme to eventually become automated. The technology is currently being used in over 50 American colleges.

Sarah Kiscaden, a teacher trainee at UVA, is pleased with the experience. '' If we didn't have this simulator, we would be learning everything in classes every day, and then be expected to just keep it all in our brain and apply it all at the same time, the next day in our schools.

And I think that is a lot less realistic of an expectation than if you're taught a skill, and you get to practice it and internalize it.''

The Honor and Serving of the Latest Global Operational Research on Little Students Angels, Education, Startups, and the future continues. The World Students Society thanks The Economist.

With respectful dedication to the Heroes, Engineer Rabo, Dee, Haleema, Sahar, Zilli, Dr. Saadia Asif, and then Mayna, Maria, Hannyia, Merium, Ibrahim, Saad and then Students, Professors and Teachers of the world.

See Ya all prepare and register for Great Global Elections on The World Students Society : wssciw.blogspot.com and Twitter - !E-WOW! - The Ecosystem 2011 :

Good Night and God Bless

SAM Daily Times - the Voice of the Voiceless


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