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PROFILE MEXICO CITY : A TIKTOK influencer who breaks the mold. Middle-aged and scarred, a journalist delivers a message of pure positivity. And with that The World Students Society rises to give her a standing ovation.

AT 49 YEARS OLD AND UNDER FIVE FEET TALL. MARTHA IZQUIERDO doesn't exactly fit the mold of a TikTok influence. But having survived sexual abuse, kidnapping, two bouts with cancer and two heart attacks, conquering social media was practically a cinch for this Mexican journalist.

Ms. Izquierdo, who lives ina small town in southern Oaxaca State, has amassed more than 600,000 followers on the social media platform, with her videos accumulating some 24 million likes.

What's the message that has made her so popular in a time of pandemic and in a country experiencing record levels of violence?

'' I started talking about issues that has to do with life in a positive way,'' Ms. Izquierdo said. '' Confronting your fears, making people understand that each one of us is unique, irreplaceable.''

In a recent video typical of her content, Ms. Izquierdo saunters up to the camera in a simple black T-shirt and floral pants. '' Today's outfit is confidence,'' she says. '' So you don't stop believing in yourself.''

In another video, this one with more than 300,000 views, she rushes out of her house on her way to work.

''I'm running late, but always with the best attitude to confront the day to day,'' she says. ''How do you all wake up - did you give yourself your dose of love?''

An award winning journalist with decades of reporting experience, Ms. Izquierdo is relatively new to social media stardom. As the pandemic began its assault on Mexico in 2020, she decided to open a. TikTok  account, where she goes by @marthaaizquierdoofical.

'' We were scared of going outside, scared of dying,'' she said in a recent interview. ''I think being vulnerable made a lot of people sit down and say,'' Hey, we're going to reflect on life and what we've been doing wrong.' And that's where I showed up.''

In May, Izquiierdo posted a video of herself dressed up as Wonder Woman to celebrate being in remission from cancer. The video went viral, and soon Ms. Izquierdo began gaining legions of fans.

'' I would dance, I would dress up, I would wear costumes,'' she said. '' I'm not a character - that person on TikTok is really me. And I'm actually even in a little crazier.''

In a country where the pandemic has wrought a devastating toll on public health and the economy, Ms. Izquierdo offers her fans a dose of pure delight. And in a digital era where everything is photoshopped  glamour, Ms. Iziquerido's very ordinariness, whether exercising, driving to work or dancing to cumbia music in her backyard, has made her extraordinary.

Her colorful outfits are part of her appeal, from traditional Oaxacan dresses to bikinis for the beach - the long scar from the cancer surgery that slices across her belly proudly on display. But Ms. Izquierdo's brand isn't so much couture as confidence.

'' If you have to start over, start over,'' she said in one clip. ''That's what life is all about - never giving up.''

Cristina Mendez Sanchez, who discovered Ms. Izquierdo's video's several months ago, has suffered from depression and obesity since her partner died 15 years ago. She soon became a huge fan.

''I love her. I want to be like her,'' said Ms. Mendez, 49. ''That woman sure is gutsy!''

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