Headline, December 14 2021/ ''' '' LORD'S ANGELS LOOMS '' '''


 LOOMS '' '''

SPIRITUALLY : ANGEL SHABZADI MAYNAH KHAN - ANGEL MARIA BASIT - ANGEL  HANYIA  KHAN always captivated my heart. Beautiful, brilliant, articulate, they will rise to give power and eminence, under Rabo and Dee.

I hug and instruct the three of them to begin forming their group, and begin honoring and  conceptualizing and designing ''The World Students Society Angels.'' Herein and henceforth, the society most lovingly and respectfully called, '' PEACE OUTCRY  POEMS'', OR POP.

The Leaders of the World, the Global Founder Framers, Grandparents, Parents, kind and loving Teachers, Schools, and Colleges and Universities, and Mankind all, rise to give them a standing ovation and pray for their leadership & success.

The Angel Guides : Rabo and Dee, Haleema, Sahar, Mother Shahbano, Mother Shazia Gul, Zilli,  Mother Lawyer Zainab Khan, Mother Anne Pitaffi, UAE, Emaan, Mother Merium, UK, Armeen, Nayab, Mother Amina, will make themselves available for inspiration, counseling and many hugs. 

Rabo will head the project. Mother Princess Naila, the world's daughter of a very high class, American educated, will oversee  the project and I will assist with toy guns.

'' BIRDS AREN'T REAL '' : ''MOST CONSPIRACY THEORIES ARE FUELED by hate or distrust or one powerful leader, but this is about finding an outlet for our pain.''

It's a conspiracy : ' Fighting lunacy with lunacy. ' Birds Aren't Real creator, a college dropout, reveals parody behind movement.

In Pittsburgh, Memphis and Los Angeles, large billboards recently popped up declaring, '' Bird's Aren't Real.''

On Instagram and TikTok, Birds Aren't Real accounts have racked up hundreds of thousands of followers, and YouTube videos about it have gone viral.

Last month, Birds Aren't Real adherents even protested outside Twitter's headquarters in San Francisco to demand that the company change its bird logo.

The events are all connected by a Gen-Z fueled conspiracy theory, which posts that birds don't exist and are really drone replicas installed by the U.S. government to spy on Americans. Hundreds of thousands of young people have joined the movement, wearing Birds Aren't Real T-shirts, swarming rallied and spreading the slogan.

It might smack of QAnon, the conspiracy theory that the world is controlled by an elite cabal of child -trafficking Democrats. Except that the creator of Birds Aren't Real and the movement's followers are in on a joke : They know that the birds are, in fact, real and that their theory is made up.

What Birds Aren't Real truly is, they say, is a parody and a movement with a purpose. In a post-truth world dominated by online conspiracy theories, young people have coalesced around the effort to thumb their nose at, fight and poke fun at misinformation. It's Gen Z's attempt to upend the rabbit hole with absurdism.

'' It's a way to combat troubles in the world that you don't really have other ways of combating,'' said Claire Chronis, 22, a Birds Aren't Real organizer in Pittsburgh. '' My favorite way to describe the organization is fighting lunacy with lunacy.''

At the center of the movement is Peter McIndoe, 23, a floppy-haired college dropout in Memphis who created Birds Aren't Real on a whim in 2017.

For years, he stayed in character as the conspiracy theory's chief believer, commanding acolytes to rage against those who challenged his dogma. But now, Mr. McIndoe said in an interview, he is ready to reveal the parody lest people think birds really are drones.

''Dealing in the world of misinformation for the past few years, we've been really conscious of the line we walk,'' he said. '' The idea is meant to be so  preposterous, but we make sure nothing we're saying is too realistic. That's a consideration with coming out of character.''

Most Birds Aren't Real members, many of whom are part of an on-the-ground activism network called the Bird Brigade, grew up in a world overrun with misinformation. Some have relatives who have fallen victim to conspiracy theories.

So for members of Gen Z, the movement has become a way to collectively grapple with those experiences. By displaying conspiracy theorists, they have found community and kinship, Mr. McIndoe said.

'' Birds Aren't Real is not a shallow satire of conspiracies from the outside. It is from the deep inside,'' he said. '' A lot of people in our generation feel the lunacy in all this, and  Birds Aren't Real. has been a way for people to process that.''

Student Cameron Kasky, 21, an activist from Parkland, Fla, who helped organize the March for our Lives student protest against gun violence in 2018 and is involved in Birds Aren't Real, said the parody. '' makes you stop for a second and laugh.

In a uniquely bleak time to come of age, it doesn't hurt to have something to laugh about together.''

Mr. McIndoe, too marinated in conspiracies. For his first 18 years, he grew up in a deeply conservative and religious community with seven siblings outside Cincinnati and then rural Arkansas. He was home-schooled, taught that 

''evolution was a massive brain washing plan by the Democrats and Obama was the Antichrist,'' he said.

He read books like '' Remote Control, '' about what it said were hidden anti-Christianity messages from Hollywood. In high school, social media offered a gateway to mainstream culture. Mr. McIndoe began watching Philip De Franco and other popular YouTubers who talked about current events and pop culture, and went on Reddit to find new viewpoints.

I was raised by the Internet, because that's where I ended up finding a lot of my real world education, through documentation, YouTube,'' Mr. McIndoe said. ''My whole understanding of the world was formed by the Internet.

The Honor and Serving of the Latest Global Operational Research on The World Students Society - for every subject in the world, Mankind and Times, continues. The World Students Society thanks author Taylor Lorenz.

With respectful dedication to H.E. Prime Minister Narandra Modi of Great India, H.E. O'' Captain Prime Minister Imran Khan of Proud Pakistan, H.E. Prime Minister Sheik Hasina Wajid of Rising Bangladesh and Leaders of the world.

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