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With utmost respect, His Excellency President Barack H. Obama, and the Founder Framers from this great nation, America, will consider a '' past-situational-audit '' for History & Legacy.

IN PROUD PAKISTAN AND IN GREAT INDIA more than a quarter of mankind lives well below the poverty line. PM Modi, Sir? O''Captain Imran Khan, Sir? This estimate comes from the Asian Development Bank.

So, in Proud Pakistan and in Great India over 74% of the students live below the poverty line. The rest I leave to the learned readers' imaginations. And in Latin America, the African continent, the Far East, and etc, I best say nothing.

PSYCHOLOGICAL TRAUMAS ASSOCIATED WITH poverty don't just arise due to material deprivation but also the self-preservation one has less as compared to others.

Access to social media has made this even more pronounced with a click of a button allowing affected youth to view the luxurious lifestyles of the privileged and draw unhealthy comparisons with their own quality of life. This results in a sense of deprivation, resentment, despair and eventually ends up in mental health problems.

Psychological problems result in a myriad of problems for youth living in poverty. Compromised cognition results in poor academic performance, early school dropouts and reduced productivity.

This further entraps them in the vicious cycle of poverty by preventing them from securing gainful employment and achieving their full earning potential. Poor economic conditions and lack of employment opportunities further compound these problems.

To deal with the unpleasant thoughts and emotions, they often resort to unhealthy behaviours such as substance abuse, which is steadily increasing with addiction reportedly claiming 700 lives every day, say in Pakistan, and suicide, the majority whose affectees are the disenfranchised youth.

Displacement of stress on others in the form of anger and aggression results in dysfunctional interpersonal relationships leading to increasing rates of domestic violence and divorce.

All these problems may also encourage impoverished youth to take up criminal activities, causing an increase in violent crime, encounters with law enforcement, and subsequent incarceration.

The best time to address psychological problems is as soon as possible. Early detection and intervention is also cheaper, since it prevents the onset of severe psychological problems which require costlier specialised services.

Furthermore, research has found that every Rs 1,000 invested in mental health yields a return of Rs 5,000 to the national exchequer due to increased  productivity and decreased treatment costs.

It may be argued that the main connection between poverty and mental health is material need and financial empowerment alone can can be sufficient in addressing the problem. However, this ignores the fact that psychological problems cut across class and are also quite prevalent in highest income communities.

In addition, research has shown that the connection between money and psychological well-being only matters up to the point at which basic needs are met. Therefore, poverty alleviation must work hand in hand with mental health interventions to truly be effective.

Investing in poverty alleviation is a bold and positive step the world over. However, to ensure that gains made in poverty alleviation are never overturned, adequate attention must be paid to the mental health of impoverished communities, particularly the youth / students.

LET US PLEDGE. then to act to ensure that impoverished youth / students affected by psychological illnesses are looked after so we can establish a healthier and happier world for all.

The Honour and Serving of the Latest Global Operational Research on Students, Poverty, Mental Health and Thy World, continues. The World Students Society thanks authors Taha Sabri and Mekaiel Zia.

With most respectful dedication to the Global Founder Framers, Leaders of the Developing World, to the Leaders of the whole world, and then Parents, Students, Professors and Teachers of the entire  world.

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