Headline, November 25 2021/ STUDENTS : ''' '' BIG TECH BUG '' '''


 TECH BUG '' '''

LOOK HERE : '' ! WE MUST SEARCH OUT TOTALLY NEW WAYS to anchor ourselves, for all the old roots, nation, community, family, or profession are now shaking under the hurricane impact of the accelerative thrust ! ''

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Stay Curious. Stay Current : All voluntary heroes start saving up '' world class '' content, practise composing and writing the daily Headline, and get a move on. 'The prescience of the 1970's ''Future Shock.''

BIG TECH HAS WEAVED ITS WAY completely into our lives. Alvin Toffler's 1970 best seller '' Future Shock '' became one of the most important books of the era by positing that the accelerating rate of technological and societal change underway was - eventually going to drive us all, well, completely mad.

Back then, Mr. Toffler dubbed the disaster agent '' information overload, '' and the toxic flood it would create was meant to lead to a dystopian outcome for humanity.

The truly demented movie version of the book, made by none other than Orson Welles, opened with a couple walking through a lovely park until it became clear they were wearing bizarre protective metal masks.


''Our modern technologies have achieved a degree of sophistication beyond our wildest dreams, but this technology has exacted a pretty heavy price,'' Mr. Welles intoned.

'' We live in an age of anxiety and a time of stress and with all our sophistication, we are in fact the victims of our technological strength. We are the victims of shock, of ..... ''

You got it : Future Shock !!! 

As it turned out, it's been a more soothing ride into the digital apocalypse, lined with big-screen TVs, delightful handheld computers called smartphones, nifty apps that deliver us all manner of things and a once seemingly innocuous phenomenon called social media. But make no mistake, technology today is ruling us, not the other way around.

We're still headed around the bend, as Mr. Toffler predicted correctly, but it's been without the creepy reboot look and piercing screaming imagined 50 odd years ago. Instead, it's Airpods that drown out the inner agony and a flood of invective on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

If you'd asked me 19 years ago, when my first kid arrived and I still carrying a feature-free Nokia cellphone, I never would have guessed that super-powerful smartphones would be ubiquitous and even affordable for the masses.

Ditto for advancements like Microsoft's Xbox 360 and the Apple iPod nano, which came in 2005 when my second child was born. Facebook was a year old at the time and Tesla barely two [ and a risky proposition at that ].

It would be four more years before anyone heard of Uber or Bitcoin, let alone swole Jeff Bezos, who in the mid-2000s was still sporting his trademark pleated khakis.

By late 2019, when my daughter arrived on the scene, who could have foreseen that an emerging and totally global pandemic would solidify tech's dominance, not challenge it?

In two of the world's most vulnerable years, Big Tech has weaved its way completely into our lives with a kind of iron grip, and the mania that '' Future Shock'' cautioned against.

That's why I would rather not rely on the present mess to predict the future. On the horizon are massive changes in transportation [ fully autonomous vehicles and truly useful drones ], health [ extensive gene editing and augmented bodies ], decision making [ super artificial intelligence and edge computing] and yes, robots too.

Some of these will make our lives better and some will just make the lives of the technologists better.

There is no doubt that tech will further envelop my children and they will put it on and take it off like they might a T-shirt. In fact, future tech itself could be in a T-shirt.

NOT that I expect my children's generation to be shocked by it all. Unlike my analog upbringing, they were born into a digital world.

They see these changes coming from a mile away. My only hope as I look into the eyes of my infant is that power in his time will be more equally distributed, unlike today when just a handful people are deciding the fate of technological advancement.

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