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IT IS NO SECRET that technology has become increasingly invasive since the Internet became commonplace. Originally, it did empower us with a rich array of resources. Many of those resources still exist even as some are being gradually clawed back, modified to suit corporate interests, or in some cases outright censored.

WHEN I HEARD THAT FACEBOOK had changed its name to ''Meta,'' I was reminded of the aphorism: ''A leopard doesn't change its spots.''  

But in this case, there's more to the name change than meets the eye : A strategic 'vision' of the future and an overly powerful, profit hungry corporation's misguided attempt to shape human destiny. 

Facebook's new moniker is shorthand for metaverse, a major new technology and cultural shift that Big Tech is trying to force feed anyone who uses the Internet. And in the words of a friend who works for another Big Tech giant, this new direction is 'terrifying'.

We'll all be hearing a lot about the metaverse in the guises of  cleverly crafted tech language over the months and years ahead. Technical descriptions such as the one found in Wikipedia can be confusing and lacking in ' big picture ' implications.

It's useful to note that this is a seismic shift, comparable to the Internet in scope and scale, and it's planned to become the dominant paradigm for human communications, transitioning our business, social, and cultural life from physical to online environments.

But I want to be careful not to mince words in describing what this technology coup is really all about : nothing less than an attempt to fabricate an alternate 'reality' other than the physical one we now inhabit.

This new reality can be assessed, of course, only by paying customers and those in a position to afford and understand it. It is a technology designed by elites and for elites and implicitly leaves much of humanity in its wake.

For anyone concerned about the fate of the planet given the climate and biosphere crises and large-scale species extinction [ and why do we hear so little of this in the mainstream media? ], it is vitally important to understand not only what Meta has up its sleeve but also the larger picture that all the Big Tech players are peddling - a velvet steamroller promoting a massive existential shift that may come much sooner than we think.

VIRTUAL REALITY and augmented reality have been around for some time but have never really taken off as practical and useful technologies other than in gaming. But that's about to change and, if Big Tech has its way, it will have huge implications for all of us.

This radical change in how we live our lives is something that no one will get to vote on as a new and unprecedented kind of technocratic governance begins to replace many of the functions of traditional government, and, I believe, even democracy itself.

As Planet Earth and our physical world continue to experience massive biospheric degradation and disruption, the elites that are now in many cases pulling the strings of governance at the country level are heading for the exit doors.

ELON MUSK and Jeff Bezos are exploring the realm of space and Musk has a Mars mission planned. Globally oriented elites have a huge head start on the rest of the population for one simple reason : they had advance warning of just how serious the problems we now face would be [as did, it must be said, many prominent Western governments].

These elites looked out for themselves which is what they did best. And governments just kicked the can down the road, something they're also quite adept at doing [and are still at it as the results of COP26 have shown].

Paralleling the notion of space flight as a form of existential escapism is the metaverse. So what if our cities are crumbling, infrastructures falling apart, and the biosphere is seriously degrading? So what if our wasteful consumer-driven lifestyles have created unprecedented levels of pollution so extensive that it's now the number one cause of health problems globally? 

No problem ..... we'll just kick back and don our Meta headsets or worse get a brain implant and escape into an artificially fabricated world that lets us turn our back on the massive ecological and environmental problems we now face.

The metaverse appears to be part of a larger effort to implement technocratic governance and dovetails nicely with the agenda of the World Economic Forum [WEF]. This organization is the official mouthpiece of the billionaire class.

The Davos elite is also promulgating its agenda through the mainstream media, ownership of which has been gradually appropriated by the representatives of Big Tech.

Jeff Bezos now owns The Washington Post, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation makes huge million dollar level ' contributions ' to mainstream media outlets including PBS; and the CEO of Salesforce Marc Benioff now owns Time magazine.

Time, incidentally, recently ran a special issue on climate change which served up a very long-winded article on the importance of developing lab grown meat.

The Honour and Serving of the Latest Global Operational Research on Technology and Writings, continues. The World Students Society thanks author Tom Valovic. This !WOW! publishing has been Excerpted : ''Why We Should Reject Mark Zuckerberg's Dehumanizing Vision of a ' Metaverse '.

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