Extreme Weather Events Are 'The New Norm'

Extreme weather events - including powerful heat waves and devastating floods - are now the new normal, says the World Meteorological Organisation.

The State of the Climate report for 2021 highlights a world that is "changing before our eyes."

The 20-year temperature average from 2002 is on course to exceed 1C above pre-industrial levels for the first time.

And global sea levels rose to a new high in 2021, according to the study.

These latest figures for 2021 are being released early by the WMO to coincide with the start of the UN climate conference in Glasgow known as COP26.

The State of the Climate report provides a snapshot of climate indicators including temperatures, extreme weather events, sea level rises and ocean conditions.

The study finds that the past seven years including this one are likely to be the warmest on record as greenhouse gases reached record concentrations in the atmosphere.



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