This is with reference to the opinion : 'Homework is like bonded labour'. I would like to add some points in this regard.

For children, homework is the worst part of their job. They have a burden on their minds the whole day or weekend about this job and think if the work is not done, they will be punished for it.

One of my children is school going. She has just started class III. The homework she gets is of very interesting and creative nature. For example, she gets a page or two of mathematics questions and she is asked to set the stop watch for 20 minutes, solve as much as she could, and leave the remaining ones.

The entire homework takes 45-60 minutes. On weekends and during winter, spring and summer vacations, there is no homework at all.

I have not noticed her even a single time cramming spelling or a sentence. I have never seen her avoiding going to school.

Also, here in Germany, the school starts after six years of age. Prior to that, children go to daycare centers or kindergarten where they are not taught even alphabets or numbers.

They are provided with colour pencils, blank sheets of paper, crayons, chalks and toys to play with. They learn how to hold a pencil, and things like wearing shoes and clothes by themselves.

The education system in most of the Developing World [Pakistan] is very stressful and causes anxiety among the children.

In Germany, there is no concept of grading, like we have first, second and third positions.

They do not waste time in morning assembly, parents' day, sports gala and other such activities, but they do have healthy activities, like sports, swimming, cycling and music during the week as part of the timetable.

There is a great need for improvement in children education in Pakistan, and the developing world. If we want to have reforms in education, we need to get rid of the archaic system and take cue from other countries that have education systems that are beneficial to children.

The World Students Society thanks author Hashim Khan, Paderborn, Germany.


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