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THE GLOBAL FOUNDER FRAMERS OF The World Students Society - for every subject in the world - rise to give Chancellor Angela Merkel a standing, rousing ovation.

''Esteemed Chancellor : ''Wir schaffen das''. The World Students Society, for every subject in the world,  belongs to every student in Germany - just as it belongs to have student in the world. Welcome  to !WOW!..''

A GUARDIAN ANGEL TO MIGRANTS : Refugees in Germany name their children Angela, and even Merkel. And so it was with Hibaja Maai, a refugee from Syria - when she gave birth to her daughter.

''We are calling her Angela,'' she told her husband, who had fled six months earlier and was reunited with his family two days before little Angel's birth on Feb. 1, 2016.

Chancellor Angela Merkel is stepping down after her replacement is chosen following Germany's Sept. 26, election. Her decision to welcome more than a million refugees from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere in 2015 and 2016 stands as perhaps the most consequential moment of her 16 years in power.

MS. MERKEL - WIDELY REGARDED AS THE REAL LEADER of Europe and as the most powerful woman on Earth, is already gathering even greater laurels.

To be sure, serious questions continue to hover over her tightfisted approach to eurozone debt, her refusal to scuttle the Nord Stream 2 pipeline from Russia, Germany's continued reluctance to raise its military spending, and her failure to take serious measures against the rise of authoritarian populists in Central Europe.

YET in time when America's democracy seems paralyzed by profound polarization, when elected leaders in Western democracies are held in disdain and autocrats are on the rise, there might be value in also looking at what it is that enabled Ms. Merkel to enjoy consistently strong approval ratings and for Germany to enjoy a high degree of prosperity and political harmony under her stewardship.

Part of it is the genuine political skill concealed behind Ms. Merkel's lack of interest in the trappings of power. Her demeanor may be that of a naturally modest woman raised in a Protest home in a police state, and -

And her nonconfrontational style may be a response to having to function in conservative, male -dominated political party.

But pity those who have mistaken her blandness for weakness, or her quiet for lack of calculation.

Friends say that in private she has a sharp sense of humour. She does her homework with a scientist's dispassionate focus before negotiations or meetings, and she never flinched before the crude macho antics of adversaries like Vladmir Putin or Donald Trump.

The photo of Ms. Merkel, with leaders of the Group 7 ranged behind her, staring fiercely at a seated American president is an icon to resistance to the bombastic Mr. Trump.

After Mr. Putin knowing that Ms. Merkel fears dogs deliberately summoned his black Lab into the room where they were meeting, she offered a biting explanation.

''I understand why he has to do this - to prove he's a man. He's afraid of his own weakness.''

That is one of Ms. Merkel's very few quotable quotes, but that's not for lack of things to say. A few years ago she explained in an interview that she simply never believed that ''a person can touch other people so much with words that they change their minds.''

Accordingly, she has always focused more on actions than words. She almost never gives interviews to foreign news outlets, and those she gives German media are rarely exciting. She has never supplied the tabloids with even a hint of scandal.

These traits of honesty, modesty, discipline, persistence and reserve would seem almost quaint elsewhere, in New York City, say.

But when someone facing almost insurmountable political odds - as a woman, an East German and a scientist - rises to the pinnacle of German power and stays for four terms, there's something for America and other democracies, where decent people are increasingly shunning politics, to learn and emulate.

Ms. Merkel's tenure has not been not flawless, and the Germany she bequeaths to the next chancellor, who may not be known for weeks, will continue to bob warily in a world of perpetual crisis.

Her legacy is the evidence that effective politics need not mean shedding humanity or steadfastness, and that being underestimated may be the true key to political longevity.

The Honor and Serving of the Latest Global Operational Research on Great Leaders of the era, continues. The World Students Society thanks author Serge Schememann, Editorial Observer.

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