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THE WORLD AND MANKIND HAVE EVER PROGRESSED - and owes so much not only to the people who agreed, but also to the people who disagreed.

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IT WAS ONLY AFTER THE intellectual movement of philosophers like Jean D Rousseau, Baron de Montesquieu and Voltaire that people were encouraged to question existing beliefs and think out of the box.

These philosophers helped transform European dogmatism to the epicentre of modern innovation, invention and ideological diversity. Resultantly, as of now the debate in most of the European and Western societies are healthy and civilised and often lead to creative and productive outcomes.

Their lead in innovation, science and technology can be summed up in a single phrase : their utmost tolerance for dissent and keen interest in a civilised debate.

Societies change over time. For a healthy and progressive social transformation, 'civilised dissent' is the key. A society remains stalled and stagnant unless it cedes enough space for it.

In greater Asia, in the African continent, in Latin America, in most of the developing world, however, the space for dissent is shrinking with each passing day. Since dissent is assuming the shape of taboo, herd mentality, demagoguery and populism are becoming the new normal.

Innovation and creativity are taking the backseat. Rather than showing regard for other perspectives and opinions, we feel more than satisfied within our own falsified notions of reality. We are less likely to listen to the 'other side' or what goes contrary to our long held assumptions.

In such a suffocating intellectual atmosphere logic, questioning and critical thinking are becoming rare. We are being reduced to emotional beings.

And that's what makes us vulnerable to getting preyed on by populists and demagogues. Dogmas, mythologies and sentimental tendencies are on their ways to become the reigning tenets of our life.

The long held doctrine of ' divine rights ' orchestrated by religious and political pulpits held back people from taking exception to the status quo in the ancient times. Since questioning the status quo was systematically barred, mythologies, fallacies and sorcery reigned supreme.

However, the ossified precepts were challenged by Socrates. But he was put to death for ''defying Athenians gods and corrupting youth with maverick ideas''.

It was the percept of dialectic that ushered humankind on the path to logic, rationality and led them to question the erstwhile unquestionable. Plato did put forward foundational dialectical philosophy in a linear and back and forth manner.

It was Hegel who is credited to have produced a comprehensive dialectic method. Hegelian method, like other dialectic methods, depends on contradictory arguments between opposing sides.

In Phenomenology of Spirit, Hegel discusses his epistemology and describes 'opposing views' as the different states and definitions of consciousness.

Hegelian dialectical method thus stands for arguing against existing less sophisticated views to more advanced ones. Hence, a dialectic debate leads to more sophisticated and meaningful ideas the contemporary times so need.

A society that detests the opposing sides or views regardless of their validity and productivity is bound to remain ossified in time and history.

Paradoxically, is deemed to be the most disliked commodity in most parts of the world. Debates hardly produce constructive outcomes because in many instances, victory over the other, than the ideological growth, is the core objective of discussion.

Even if it means otherwise, dissenting argument is hardly supported by logic. Egoistic beliefs and unfounded assumptions build the very basis of our arguments. As a result, abusive language, misemploying and cacophony essentially characterise every and all debates.

Civilised dissent is becoming a rarity.

Since the contemporary times require innovation and growth of healthy ideas to solve the modern problems, we need to recognise that only through encouraging civilised debate can we escape the trap of time and keep pace with ongoing fast paced global transformations.

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