Headline, October 04 2021/ ''' '' THE HUMAN-HONOR TAP '' '''

''' '' THE HUMAN-

HONOR TAP '' '''

THE LOSS OF BEAUTY : THE LOSS OF beauty in the world, in Asia, in the Indian subcontinent is a notion that does not receive much currency in our contemporary discourse.

Most conversations fixate on the economy, politics and religion in ways that only touch upon the superficial. In the process, it would seem as if we have forgotten how to appreciate and, more important, create beauty.

WELCOME TO THE PLEA TO BE HUMAN : Welcome, to The World Students Society - the exclusive ownership of every student in the world.

!WOW! thanks Abdurrehman Naveed, John F Kennedy Fellow at Harvard University and Abdullah Naveed, a researcher and writer, and a graduate of the University of Chicago.

!ON THE WORLD STUDENTS SOCIETY! : The Global Founder Framers, we have our hearts open to all the sufferings and injustices in the world : Be that or they as Mankind, or Palestinians, Rohingya, or from Africa or in Latin America, or wherever.

Rohingya's hero leader, Mohibullah was shot dead. Arakan Rohingya Society for Peace and Human Rights, made its name documenting atrocities the Rohingya suffered during the Myanmar crackdown and Myanmar's genocidal intent.

BRUTAL ASSAM EVICTIONS : Forceful eviction unless backed by a complete blanket of law is tantamount to grave human rights violations. So is the case with occupations on the part of the state against the wishes of its residuals.

INDIA, as the world's largest democracy, should at least be aware of it. What happened in Assam against the hapless citizens qualifies for a suo motu litigation, with the state authorities in the dock.

The fact that around 5,000 destitute living in slums in Assam's Darrang district were shunted out, and their homes bulldozed, and that under the supervision of area legislators with the use of brute force is terrorism.

The excuse that the residents were asked to move to an alternate place, and notices were served, doesn't fall in line with the modus operandi of displacement.

Reportedly no formal allotment orders were served on the inhabitants, who are now being dubbed as illegal immigrants; contrary to the fact that they are logged in the National Register of Citizens.

THE IMMENSE HUMAN COST OF INDIA'S ILLEGAL OCCUPATION OF Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir { IIOJK } should jolt the world's conscience - somehow.

Moral bankruptcy and callousness of the Indian occupation forces was on full display recently when the mortal remains of iconic Kashmiri leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani were snatched from his grieving family.

Geelani was denied a burial in accordance with his will. The lifelong freedom fighter passed away under prolonged incarceration, deprived of proper medical care and other fundamental rights. His family members are being hounded through fabricated police cases.

Despite censorship, communications blackout and denial of access, a lot has been written and reported about the state of human rights in IIOJK. World leaders have spoken out, various parliaments have held discussions and hearings.

Human rights violations have been extensively documented by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in its report of 2018 and 2019. The violations have been taken up by various Special Rapporteurs of the Human Rights Council, besides civil society and leading human rights organisations including Human Right Watch and Amnesty International.

As the world watches unconcerned, New Delhi has made a mockery of secularism, and openly violated its own constitutional guards.

The World Students Society urges India to lift the inhuman military siege in IIOJK; reverse its illegal and unilateral actions of 5 August 2019; stop its illegal measures to change the demography of IIOJK; release the detained Kashmiri students, youth and political leadership, and -

And provide unhindered access to human rights and humanitarian organisations so that the true extent of human rights abuses could be brought to world attention.

!WOW! yet again, urges, the responsible members of the international community must step forward and convince India to cease its human rights violations in Kashmir. Selective approach to human rights diminishes their inherent universality.

Kashmiris want to exercise their right to self-determination and so, the humanity's conscience and justice must support them whole heartedly.

The Sadness of this publishing, continues. The World Students Society thanks authors Shah Mahmood Querishi - Pakistan's Foreign Minister, and The Editorial Board of The Express Tribune.

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