TEHRAN : Iran hails students' hero who died after saving women in fire.

Iran paid tribute on Saturday to a teenager who died of severe burns after having rescued two women neighbours trapped in a fire in their apartment building.

Fifteen-year-old Ali Landi died of injuries on Friday, two weeks after he helped the women escape burning home and tried to throw a gas cylinder out of the window to stop the fire spreading, Iranian media said.

The student died of ''90 percent burns,'' said Emam Kazem hospital in Isfahan, central Iran, where he was transferred from his home town of Izeh in the country's southwest.

The two neighbours, a woman in her eighties and daughter suffered superficial burns in the September 9 blaze, local media said.

Iranian's saluted the teenager's courage online with many urging the education ministry to incorporate his story in school materials.

On Saturday, a photo of the smiling adolescent was splashed across the front pages of most Iranian newspapers. [AFP]


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