Jahangir Khan : A World Champion who lived up to his name. A legend in his own time - the frail child of a modest background who became an awesome sportsman and global icon, his story is one that dreams are made of.

The Word Jahangir means 'Conqueror of the world'. The Pakistani squash legend Jahangir not only conquered the world but then held on to his empire for an unprecedented five years and eight months, during which he won 555 consecutive matches without a single defeat.

This is a record unmatched in the annals of any sport, and it puts Jahangir in the rarefied air of a shortlist to choose the greatest sportsman that Pakistan, or perhaps the world, has ever produced.

His domination was complete and relentless. Week after week he would put his reputation on the line testing it against all comers and overcoming them.

Jahangir had all the classical 6"s required to be squash champion, strength, stamina, style, sense, suppleness, and speed. When, to this mix, you add an unquenchable desire to win and a huge sense of pride in his family's record and tradition, you create an unbeatable super star. 

The record Jahangir left behind is formidable. His multiple tournament victories included 6 World Open titles, 10 consecutive British Open crowns, winning 13 Pakistan Opens and leading Pakistan to the World Team Championship title on 5 occasions.

He also tried his hand at the hardball American version of the game, winning the US title thrice. For 94 months he was ranked as number one player in the world, 72 of them in succession.

On retirement from the game he served as the President of the World Squash Federation from 2002 - 2008 and has subsequently been its President Emeritus since 2008.

Jahangir was the best player ever to step onto a squash court. He did not merely dominate his opponents, he demolished them, both on the court and psychologically.

His arrival coincided with other changes in the sport like the glass court and the graphite racket. It also corresponded with the advent of 'corporate squash' and Jahangir was the first mega-star.

A legend in his own time, the frail child from a modest background who became an awesome sportsman and a global icon, his story is one that dreams are made of.

The World Students Society thanks author, Dr. Salman Faridi.


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