All women, the Muslim women, must consider and evaluate the the footsteps Hazrat Ayesha [RA], Hazrat Faitima [RA] and Hazrat Zainab bint-e-Ali - each of whom are considered as the epitome of strong leadership and empowerment.

NOT many people know that Hazrat Ayesha [RA] continued to look after political matters long after the passing of Prophet Muhammed [peace be upon him]. The World Students Society also urges everyone to read up on Bibi Zainab, -the highly respected granddaughter of the beloved Prophet [peace be upon him].

She was a remarkably brave and eloquent woman and during the 7th century she spoke out openly against the powerful male tyrant, Yazid. She displayed courage and defiance, which compelled Yazid to release her along with the other prisoners of Karbala out of fear of rebellion.

Her story is not just important and inspiring for Muslim women all around the world but also serves as a modern feminist ideal.

She spoke against her oppressor at her lowest moment, imparting lessons of fighting for justice and being courageous in the darkest of times. We must adhere to examples of these Muslim women and lead our lives the way they did.

However, given the current situation in Pakistan, the only thing that can make Pakistani women feel safe is exemplary capital punishment any and all perpetrators taking violence and Law in their own hands.

In the longer term, we must inculcate the fundamentals of Islam to increase awareness and knowledge of the rights Islam has bestowed upon women.

The World Students Society thanks author Salma Tahir.


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