Following the recurrent reminders by numerous public figures about the ''Domestic Violence'' bill, renowned actor Mahira Khan has urged Prime Minister Imran Khan to get it passed without any further delay.

Following Noor Mukadam's barbaric murder, the premier assured the public in a video message on Twitter that that : ''No matter how powerful the assailant's family is, or whether he is a US national, he is not going to be spared if found guilty.''

Mahira shared this video on her Twitter the next day with the request : '' This! Now please, get the domestic violence bill passed.''

Reminding the PM that until there aren't laws that ensure women's safety, women will always be exposed to violence, Mahira added, ''[Until] there aren't laws in place, women will always be vulnerable to abuse. There must be total accountability.''

She has also shared a tweet by actor Osman Khalid Butt that read, ''Pass the Domestic Violence Bill. What is taking so long to review?''

Earlier, several including Mawra Hocane, Adnan Siddiqui, Ali Rehman Khan, Faysal Quarishi. Adnan Malik, Meesha Shafi, among others, condemned Noor's murder and demanded justice on social media.

Many also urged relevant authorities to make an example out of rapists and murderers, including singer Asim Azhar who tweeted on July 29, ''Everyday a new story. Can we please just start hanging rapists publicly? They should all be punished in a manner that no other monster can dare lay his hands on a woman or child.'' [ The Express Tribune ]


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