Banksy: A Guide To His 'Great British Spraycation'


After a week of speculation, the artist Banksy has finally claimed responsibility for pieces of street art that have appeared on the east coast of England, releasing a video on his Instagram page entitled "A Great British Spraycation". BBC News looks at where the pieces are, what their significance could be and what might happen to them.

Where is it? Nicholas Everitt Park, Oulton Broad, Suffolk.

What does it show? Three children near a boat structure next to the tagline "We're all in the same boat".

What is happening to it? Oulton Broad Parish Council removed the metal "boat" over flooding fears as it was blocking a drain and rain was forecast. But a spokeswoman promised it would be put back.

A screen has been put up to protect the mural.

What is an expert's view? Prof Paul Gough, principal and vice chancellor of Arts University Bournemouth, said: "The team will have been scouting possible venues across East Anglian coast for some time: nothing is left to chance with Banksy's public artwork.

"Unlike your average tag, his stencils are pre-planned, prepared and perfectly positioned.

"Banksy is also adept at recycling stuff left lying around - a bicycle tyre, a pile of sand - or here at Oulton Broad, a corrugated metal sheet that doubles as a boat to convey a powerful environmental warning, as the children bail out the sinking ship."

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