'Boys will be boys' is no excuse : said Vidya. The actor now talks about the latest film on toxic masculinity.

Bollywood star Vidya Baalan, who once called herself a ''work in progress feminist,'' will soon be seen in NATKHAT, a short film based on women being victims of toxic masculinity.

Speaking about how the film conveys an extremely important yet disturbing message, Vidya told The Indian Express, ''When I first heard the story, my question to director Shaan Vyas was, 'How are you going to tell the story in 30 minutes?' 

But once I watched the film, I said, 'Thank God it is a short film,' because it is a kind of a film that makes you uncomfortable.'' She then went on to address the ' boys will be boys excuse' that leads to several men committing wrongful acts in the process.

Vidya continued, '' 'Boys will be boys' is kind of a deep-rooted conditioning in our culture, it is normalised and accepted in our community. I think if we become aware that it is wrong, that itself will be a huge step forward.''

She then went on about how ''most of the time we don't realize that it is wrong.'' Vidya shared, ''Someone pulls your dupatta and runs away in 'mast'. We say 'boys will be boys' and move on. But that's not OK and we have to realise that this kind of behaviour is not okay, we are in a good place.''

Vidya is among a few actresses in Bollywood who have been the face of women empowerment. However, Natkhat portrays her in a completely different light - a woman who has no power and is a victim of domestic abuse.

Vidya mentioned, ''My character in Natkhat is facing domestic abuse and thinks she can't do anything about it. Yet, she has the courage and the strength to make sure that her son doesn't repeat this behavior with another woman. That is empowerment.

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