How Expats Can Settle In Their New Home Away From Home

The pandemic was a big blow to people working or studying away from their home countries. Some did not manage to go back home and have been stuck in their host countries for a while. People move to different countries for many reasons, among them work, study and relationships. While in a new country, it is not easy to adjust, but you can do a few things to make yourself feel comfortable. For those planning to make a move abroad, there are some challenges you should expect to experience, such as:

       Culture shock

Each country has a particular way that things are done, which may differ from your home country. Most people get culture shock when they move to new countries. The language, food, and general culture are things you have to learn and get used to. Some things that may be acceptable back home may be rude and inappropriate in the new country, and you have to learn how to differentiate.


It is easy to feel lonely and alienated in a new country, especially if you do not know the language. If your family and friends are back home, it is easy to feel a little overwhelmed and alienated from people, especially if you have not yet made friends who can at least speak your language.

       Getting used to the weather

Getting used to the local weather may take some time. If you are used to living in cool weather conditions, and you move to hot and balmy conditions, it will take some time to get acclimatized. The hardest to get used to is leaving a warm climate to a cold and gloomy climate.

How to make your stay more comfortable

1.    Create new routines

To make your stay more bearable, you can create a new routine in your host country. Find new things to do like gardening, running, or going to the gym, have days where you watch a movie or go out, etc. Create a tradition that will bring you comfort while you try to acclimate yourself to the new environment.

1.    Keep in touch with family and friends

To keep away the loneliness that comes with being alone in a new country, keep in touch with loved ones. The internet is an excellent way to keep in touch via video calls, social media platforms, or talk to them on the phone. This alleviates some of the loneliness you might feel, especially during any lockdowns.

2.    Watch your favorite shows

The new country you go to might have geo-restrictions on your favorite streaming services. Access the  content you want with a VPN, and watch all your favorite shows or sports that you enjoy back home. The VPN bypasses the geo-restrictions by masking your IP address and allowing you to log in via a server in your country or a country with no geo-restrictions.

3.    Learn the language

If you decide to move to a new country, learn the language used in the country in advance. Once you learn the basics, you can learn the rest on the ground by practicing with the locals. Once the locals realize you know a bit of the language, they will be happy to teach you what you do not know and correct you when you make mistakes.

4.    Multi-language schools

If you have children with you in the new country, look for a school that speaks the native language and yours as well. If you are in France, and your native language is English, look for a school that speaks English. Your children will adapt much faster when they can at least communicate with their language as well. Ensure they also learn the basics of the native language in advance before you move.


If the Covid lockdown caught you in a foreign country, you can overcome challenges such as loneliness, alienation, or language barriers. Try to create a space that allows you to familiarize yourself with the language, culture, etc. You can only do this by being more open-minded and willing to accommodate change.

- Author: Matthew Stern | Blog@TheTechFools.com


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