Headline, July 14 2021/ ''' '' THE WITCH - HUNTS TAP '' '''

''' '' THE WITCH -

 HUNTS TAP '' '''

THE LEARNING CURVE ON THE WORLD STUDENTS SOCIETY has never been more uniting, more heroic and more dignified as of very late. The multiplier for the mean of all stats hails around 9, 788.


Thousands by thousands of grandparents, parents, students, professors and teachers are observing and learning, and very thankful and very supportive. In some countries, most use VPNs. And while we miss capturing their 'stat sum' we are very delighted with the honors. !Welcome to The World Students Society!.

RISING WITH THE TIDE : THE WORLD STUDENTS SOCIETY - FOR EVERY SUBJECT IN THE WORLD - is the exclusive ownership of every student of this great nation, The United States of America. Just as it is, the honored and exclusive ownership of every student in the world. 

With Almighty God's blessings, how the future unfolds in building a better world, will in many large parts depend on the leadership provided by the Global Founder Framers and the students of America. Overseen of course, by an International Committee.

WHEN Victorian England encountered the bicycle, panic ensued with the clergy shouting that these newly mobile women would now engage in all manner of licentious behaviour like infidelity and prostitution.

There were concerns that cycling would make women infertile. The panic quietly ended once the clergy realized cycles allowed more people to get to church, just like clerics in our part of the world rejected TV until they realized they could use this medium to their benefit.

TikTok keeps getting banned and unbanned due to ''obscene and immoral'' content. It just doesn't matter that such content has to be sought out, or is displayed as the algorithmic result of the users search history and not because evil TikTok wants to corrupt the pious society and the very pious nations.

WE HAVE SEEN GLOBAL PANICS OVER YOUTH / students subculture, activism, comic books, movies, and most recently, smartphones and social media. In the developing world, these usually culminate in bans by overactive regulators and or court mandated bans.

There's no panic quiet like ''moral panic,'' a term that was coined by sociologist Stanley Choen in the 1960-s and defined as : ''a widespread fear, often irrational, that someone or something is a threat to the values, safety, and interests of a community or society.''

If this sounds familiar that's because we are frequently subjected to such panics, be they caused by the Aurat Maarch, smartphones, the occasional ad/serial/movie or, most recently, TikTok. Moral pandemics are fun for [almost] all and are [almost] always engineered by an elite eager to hold on to [ and increase ] their authority.

First : something or someone is designated a ''folk devil''; a threat to social values and norms. Second : the media and community at large present the issue in the most simplistic, black-and-white way possible, adding apocalyptic seasoning and predicting the imminent collapse of society in the face of the trumped-up threat.

In response to this 'symbolic representation of the threat', public sentiment is whipped up and in the final stage politicians, regulators and the judiciary get into the act, simultaneously fanning the flames and disproportionately to the threat with legislation, bans and in extreme cases, persecution, with the end result of increasing their own power and authority.

It's a story as old as civilization. Ancient Rome saw moral panic over 'foreign' Bacchanalia cult, which operated outside the framework of the Senate and the moral codes of Roman society. It started with the complaint of a woman whose lover was planning to join the cult and would thus have to break up with her, and once the Senate whipped up a frenzy, culminated with the massacre of thousands.

This overreaction was aided by the fact that the Senate and state, reeling from Hannibal's invasion and the threat of victorious generals gaining public favor, needed to restart its authority and invent a common enemy to unite against. It worked beautifully.

Similar are the European witch-hunts of the 14th-17th century; here, we saw a moral panic whipped up by the church, aided by the entrenched patriarchy, that resulted in the murder of countless women. Here too, we see the need to assert authority play a key role.

The worst prosecution took place where rival Christian sects were battling for dominance, and each latched on to this 'cause' in order to prove their religious credentials.

The Inquisition, having run out of Jews and Moors to persecute, also found this new frenzy to be useful in maintaining the importance and the secular courts, unwilling to see their authority weakened, went further and led the charge when it came to executing suspected witches.

A good time was had by all, except the thousands of women tortured and killed as a result.

The Honor and Serving of the Latest Global Operational Research on State-of-the-World, past and future, continues. The World Students Society thanks author Zarrar Khurho.

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